10 cool things about the iPhone no one talks about

The iPhone is one of the best smartphones in the world, and it is for many reasons well known to all. However, today we are going to analyze some cool features that iPhone has that often go unnoticed by the vast majority of users. These kinds of things make the iPhone a unique practitioner.

Sound / mute switch

A little toggle between mute and sound modes that has been present in the iPhone since the first generation. Located just above the volume buttons, it allows you to quickly change modes and know, without having to turn on the screen, if our iPhone is in silent mode or has the sound activated.

iPhone mute button

IPhone mute button

Go up to the top by just clicking on the top bar

Another feature that has been on the iPhone for many years. When you are in Safari or in an app and you want to go back to the top, just by tapping on the icon bar above you will quickly return to the start. A very simple gesture that you try to use on other devices as if it were something generic.


One of the faster ways to exchange files and documents between Apple devices without losing quality. We can send images, documents, notes, web pages and almost anything we imagine using AirDrop to another iPhone, iPad or Mac that is nearby without needing an internet connection.

Autocomplete codes received by SMS

A novelty available for several years and that is ideal every time we have to register and receive a confirmation by SMS on our phone. On the iPhone it is not necessary to open the message, directly The option to paste the received code will appear on the keyboard. Something very comfortable and fast.

Face ID or Touch ID in any corner of the system

Many devices have biometric recognition systems, but very few have it as well integrated as the iPhone. Face ID and Touch ID work great and are available system-wide. From adding a layer of security to bank apps or WhatsApp itself, to auto-completing your password on websites or identifying yourself to modify important system settings.

Face ID Apple

Face ID on the iPhone

Haptic feedback

The haptic feedback from the iPhone is sublime. It is a small vibration to confirm that you have performed an action. For example when you are going to delete an app or want to preview a link. It is something that is missed when it is missing.

Share Wi-Fi passwords with other Apple users

Another ideal feature in an Apple device environment. If your iPhone is connected to a Wi-Fi network, you can share the password with any other Apple device at the push of a button. Really comfortable and underrated.

High market value

The iPhone lose much less market value when compared to an Android smartphone. That means that changing devices every so often is not so expensive since an iPhone that is one or two years old can be sold at a very high price. Something that must be valued when buying a smartphone for 1,000 euros.

Apple pay

Simple, fast, effective. Apple Pay is one of the best payment systems in the world, without discussion. It is the one with the most compatible banks and is perfectly integrated with the iPhone, Apple Watch and other devices. Not only does it work very well to pay in stores, it is also ideal for paying online or in apps without having to enter your card details.

Apple Card and Apple Pay

Apple Card and Apple Pay

Universal clipboard

Other functions that make the Apple ecosystem unique. The power copy something on the iPad or Mac and paste it on the iPhone as if nothing, or vice versa, it is almost like magic. A great function that can go unnoticed but once you get used to it you can’t stop using it.

For this kind of thing an iPhone is highly recommended, and if you have one, follow that you use them in your day to day. Even sure you know some more function that we have not discussed and that is great.

Written by idroid

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