5+ best Windows 11 tips and tricks to simplify the operating system

Windows 11 It’s by our side now.Since October 2021, millions of users have accepted Microsoft The latest desktop operating system. Now that we have a better understanding of Windows 11, it is time to discover all the latest features that this new platform must provide.

Whether Windows 11 is truly a brand new desktop operating system is still controversial.and Windows 10 Compared to the huge leap to 8, it is more like a subtle upgrade to its predecessor.

Some users may say this is renamed Windows 10, But this is not a bad thing.

After all, after the failure of its predecessor,Windows 10 It is the most popular supplement in its operating system series. If Microsoft’s previous desktop platform is not damaged, why repair it?

The latest platform offers roughly the same performance as its predecessor, but with improved UI design and some cool new features.

What are the new features in Windows 11?

When you open it for the first time, discovering the new features of the recently released platform is always the most exciting thing.

Windows 11 is no exception in this regard.The first difference that most users may notice is that of Windows 11centralizedmission Boardicon, This is obviously different from its predecessors.

The second thing that users won’t notice isRedesigned “Start” menu.Windows 10 Gone are the tile shortcuts in. This is of course a very different start menu with fixed applications and recommended files.

The menu also includes a search box, just like in Windows 7.

Besides,Widget panelProbably the biggest new thing in Windows 11. The panel provides eight different widgets, and users can add and customize these widgets. It’s a bit like the gadget sidebar in Vista, albeit in a more limited form.

Most users may notice theFile ExplorerIt’s also different.It is a new style of file manager utility with a command bar, replacing the previous functional areaTabinterface. File Explorer also has a new icon set and redesigned context menu in the latest platform.

In Windows 11Operation CenterSignificant changes have also taken place. The new action center has separate settings and notification panels.The user can click on the newQuick SetupButton to access its options.

These may be the most significant new features in Windows 11. However, there are many things worth exploring in Big M’s latest desktop operating system.

Here are some convenient Windows 11 tips and tricks that you can try on the new platform.

What are the best tips and tricks for Windows 11?

1. Adjustmission Boardsize

  1. First, press theWindowsKey +SHotkey.
  2. Type in the search text boxRegistry Editor.
  3. Next, click the Registry Editor in the search utility to open it.
  4. Browse to the location of this registry key:HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerAdvanced
  5. Right-click the Advanced button and selectNew.
  6. Then chooseDWORD (32-bit) valueOptions.
  7. enterTaskbarSiAs the name of the new DWORD.
  8. Double-click TaskbarSi to open the window in the screenshot below.
  9. Then enter in the value data box0Or 2.enter2To expandmission BoardOr enter 0 to reduce its size.
  10. Click on the “Edit DWORD” windowSure“quit.
  11. After that, close the registry editor.
  12. according toStartButton, and then select its power option.
  13. Then clickRestart.After that, Windows 11 will have a larger or smaller value based on the value you entermission Board.restart-option2
You can enter it in the Edit DWORD window of TaskbarSi1To restore the original mediummission Board.Or, right clickTaskbarSiAnd select Delete.

2. Try new keyboard shortcuts

Windows 11 provides a new set of keyboard shortcuts for some of its functions. You can press these hotkeys to bring up the widget panel, notification center, quick settings, team chat, and snapshot layout. Press these hotkeys to open their functions:

  • WindowsKey+ W:Widget panel
  • WindowsKey+ N:Notification Center
  • WindowsKey+ A:Quick Setup
  • WindowsKey+ C:Team chat
  • WindowsKey+ Z:Align layout
  • Shift+ F10:Traditional context menu(Need to select an item)

3. Restore the classic file explorer

  1. Follow the instructions in Steps 1 to 3 of the first tip to open the Registry Editor.
  2. Then open the following registry key:HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionShell Extensions
  3. Right-click the Shell Extensions key on the left side of the registry editor to selectNew.
  4. chooseKeyOptions.
  5. enterPreventThe name of the new registry key.
  6. Right click on the Blocked key you just added and select itNew > String Value option.
  7. enter{e2bf9676-5f8f-435c-97eb-11607a5bedf7}The name as a string value.
  8. Then exit the registry editor.
  9. By choicepower supply>Restart the start menu option to restart your PC.
This registry edit changes from the Windows 10 recoverTab-Style file explorer.You can also press itsF11The hotkey temporarily deletes the command bar from the file explorer.


4. Organize open application windows

Windows 11 has a new Snap Layouts feature that can help users organize windows better.To activate the snap layout, simply hover the cursor over themaximizeButton.

Then you will see the Snap Layout options shown below.


Then you can choose one of four window layout options. Using these options, you can neatly arrange multiple software windows side by side on the desktop without overlapping.

Snap Layouts will alsomission BoardThe windows are grouped. After using this function to arrange several windows, you will see the group thumbnail preview of the layout on the taskbar.

Selecting the thumbnail preview will open all the group windows you have arranged.


5. View the command terminal

  1. Command Terminal is a new command line application you can use in Windows 11.The quick way to open it is to right-click on the desktop and selectOpen in Windows terminal.
  2. After opening the command terminal, you can open multipleTab.To do this, click on the+ Open new Bookmark pageButton.
  3. To beTabTo choose a different command line shell, press the small arrow button and select one on the menu.
  4. You can select “set up”The menu options further configure the command terminal.
  5. In the openset upTab, You can click the default profile drop-down menu to select an alternative default command shell.
  6. You can also click “Settings”TabOn the left “coloring scheme”Customize the color of the application.Choose a different color scheme in the drop-down menu, and then selectsaveOptions.

6. Add different backgrounds to the virtual desktop

  1. You can choose a new“Select background”Option to change the wallpaper of the alternate virtual desktop in Windows 11. To add different wallpapers to them, hover your cursor over the taskbar button shown below.
  2. Click on+ New desktopOption to add one.
  3. Right click on the new desktop and select it“Select background”Options.
  4. In the openpersonaliseTabChoose a new background for the desktop.
  5. Then you will have two virtual desktops with different wallpapers, as shown in the snapshot below.

7. Move the icon on the taskbar to the left

  1. Click on the taskbarStart, And then select Settings on its menu.
  2. Choose personalizationTabUpmission BoardNavigation options.
  3. Double clickTaskbar behaviorTo expand its settings.
  4. Select from the taskbar alignment drop-down menuLeft. Your taskbar icon will now be aligned to the left.

8. Choose a touch keyboard theme with new custom settings

  1. according toWindowskeyIHotkey to start the setting.
  2. choosepersonaliseTab.
  3. Double-click on the Personalization tabTouch keyboard.
  4. Choose a new touch keyboard color theme.
  5. Or, click the Custom theme radio button andedit. Then, you can set the touch keyboard theme with your own color selection.
  6. After setting a custom touch keyboard theme, press “save”Button.
To enable the touch keyboard, right-click on the taskbar and selectTaskbar settings.Click hereTouch keyboardOption to turn it on.Then you can clickTouch keyboardSystem tray icon. Please note that you also need a touch screen PC to use the touch keyboard.

Can I find more tips in Windows 11?

Windows 11 includes a notification application, which you can access through the widget panel.according tosmall partsTaskbar button.Click on the panelAdd widgetButton and select the prompt from there.

Then, you can read more Windows 11 tips in the “Tips” widget.Or you can click at the top of the widgethintLink to open its application. The application contains 18 Windows 11 prompt themes for you to browse.


Windows 11 may not be fundamentally different from its predecessor, but there are still many new things to be discovered in the new desktop operating system. Therefore, it is worth upgrading to Windows 11; given that it is currently a free and available upgrade, so even more so.

Microsoft is currently working to meet its system requirements Windows 10 PC launches a new platform. Users who have not installed Windows 11 can go to the “Settings” Windows Update”Tab to install. This tab will provide Windows 11 for users who can upgrade to itDownload and installOptions.

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