Alien: Isolation Mobile “has better visual effects” than the original version in some respects

Alien: Isolation is undoubtedly one of the best games of 2014-a mind-blowing survival horror experience that not only embodies the weird sci-fi atmosphere of the Alien series, but also exemplifies Ridley’s tactile and simulated aesthetics. Scott’s groundbreaking film in 1979. This is not a game about guns and brute force, but about using tools and objects to work through a weird space station full of hatches, computer consoles and paranoid robots.

You cannot kill aliens, at least not by traditional means, so you must stay one step ahead when it tracks you through shady corridors and ventilation shafts. For game developer Creative Assembly, “Alien: Isolation” is a bit of a departure. Although they have worked with other genres in the past, you probably know the studio’s real-time strategy series “Total War” and the most recent “Total War: Warhammer”.

Feral Interactive has long been a strong partner of the studio, porting its strategy games to mobile devices, and recently remade the classic Rome: Total War for the PC. Feral is currently working on Alien: Isolation, porting it not only to tablets, but also to Android and iOS devices. We contacted Feral to learn more about the challenges of translating Alien: Isolation into a touch screen, and how the team can maintain the immersive visual effects and atmosphere of the game with reduced specifications and screen space.

Only Mobile Gaming: Alien: Isolation is a very beautiful game, so I was surprised to see it not only ported to tablets, but also to mobile phones. Do you need to make any sacrifices in this process? Do you think this is the same game?

Wild interaction: Yes, we have. In terms of content and visual effects, it is the same as the original game. In some ways, the mobile version similar to the Switch version has better visual effects because of the addition of new anti-aliasing effects that were not available when the game was originally released.

The main difference is how you control Amanda. We added a touch interface, so her movements and actions can now be controlled with your fingers. The game now also supports gamepads, and depending on your device, it even supports keyboard and mouse.

OMG: Like many survival horror games, Alien: Isolation relies heavily on atmosphere, mood, lighting and sound design. Do you think the phone can express these aspects in a similar way to the original version? For example, would it be better to play games with headphones?

Yes: We believe that all platforms can have a similar experience, because immersion in Alien: Isolation is driven by very good game design and high production value, and it is less dependent on the device it is playing on.

However, as with any game, the environment you play will affect the experience. Just like on other platforms, using headphones to play Alien: Isolation enhances the sense of immersion. Dim the light and you will really be more nervous.

That being said, think about how many times you have seen people immersed in a great game or movie on their mobile phone, only to miss the train stop! Once you are sucked into the Sevastopol space station, the game will do a very good job in eliminating other distractions.

OMG: Alien: The core gameplay of isolation is very simple. Like many horror games, it is a walking simulator and you can use some tools. There are guns, but in this sense, it is not a real FPS. Would you say that the simplicity of its gameplay core, namely movement and hiding, make it a good game for mobile devices?

Yes: The small number of controls is undoubtedly an advantage for mobile devices. However, Alien: Isolation is a game that contains a lot of slow and cautious actions and very fast actions; for example, quickly use your flamethrower to defend against aliens, or quickly open a door to escape danger.

One of our main goals is to ensure that the controls respond well and are easy to use when speed is of the essence.

OMG: Alien: Isolation is also a stressful game. You need to switch tools quickly under high pressure, such as turning on your radar or throwing flare. Is it challenging to create a touch screen control system on a mobile device? How did you determine which control system you decided to use?

Yes: We spent a lot of time researching the touch controls we developed in other mobile games and other popular mobile games, and combined them with a large number of game tests to improve the controls. The end result is some default control schemes, which should be very effective for most players.

Having said that, we are very aware that there are subtle differences in the way individuals hold mobile devices, and the way one feels comfortable and natural is strange and difficult for others. With this in mind, the mobile version allows players to completely customize the size and position of all screen inputs to suit their game style. This means that if you want a slightly larger mobile joystick, or if you feel a few millimeters to the left, firing the weapon button will feel more comfortable, you can easily make these changes. All of this can be done from the pause menu, without even reloading the level.

We also added other features to help players, including tactile feedback on buttons (if the device supports tactile), and multiple camera control methods with its own custom options; for example, sensitivity, dead zone, etc.

OMG: Alien: Isolation is a different game for Creative Assembly, which is known for making RTS games. In this sense, is it a challenge for Feral to apply it to mobile devices, because as a company, you also have a reputation for porting RTS games?

Yes: You are right, so far, most of our mobile games are strategy games. However, we have been porting various types of games for many years: from racing games such as the GRID series to first-person shooters such as BioShock Remastered, we have extensive experience in many types of games, and we know everyone’s different requirements very well. .

Although “Alien: Isolation” is our first mobile game made with FPS-based controls, we have conducted a very thorough research on the concept of mobile FPS. When Alien: Isolation went into production, we knew there were challenges and potential solutions to these challenges. This provides us with a solid foundation of control methods, and then we can iterate through game testing throughout the development cycle.

When it comes to predicting the future, we found this to be a good way to reuse your quotes in the “bad technical forecasts” list in a few years. Marty Cooper, the inventor of mobile phones, once said, “Mobile phones will never replace wired phones!”

Aliens: The quarantine is over December 16 As a premium game on Google Play and App Store.

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