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Arpara’s 5K Micro OLED VR headset has broken its Kickstarter goal

2022 seems to be the best year for VR. There are many new headsets coming on the market, including Meta Quest 3, Apple’s AR headsets, Project Cambria and PSVR 2. Now it looks like another company might be quite prepared. Expected equipment.

Arpara recently launched a Kickstarter fund for their VR headsets, and they stated that they should be equipped with 5K micro OLED displays. If the list of features provided can be trusted, these devices do look good on paper, and people seem to be excited about their release.

Let’s take a closer look at what might happen.

What is Arpara 5K Micro OLED headset?

Arpara’s 5K Micro OLED headsets appear to be the two latest VR headsets, adding a growing selection of equipment. Kickstarter supporters have apparently participated in the project because the equipment only took 15 minutes to reach the Kickstarter financing Target.

At the time of writing, the Kickstarter fund has well over $500,000 in funding, has about 1,200 backers, and there are 45 days left before mid-February 2022.

For context, the fund was launched on December 16, so if the hype continues for a period of time, the fund may go higher, possibly reaching seven figures.

There are two types of headsets: one is an all-in-one variant like Oculus Quest 2, and the other is a tethered option that is more similar to older VR headsets such as Oculus Rift S.

It is also worth noting that this is not the first time we have seen VR headsets successfully gain support on Kickstarter in the past few months, because HalfDive headsets inspired by “Sword Art Online” have also been funded on the platform.

When will the two headsets be fully released?

Since this is a crowdfunding project, of course, the release date is not as static as a normal product.

The Kickstarter list provides a March 2022 window, only a few months away, which will definitely put this pair of Arpara headsets far ahead of any competitors it may have, including Meta Quest Pro, Meta Quest 3 and The same is true for Apple’s AR headset.

If Arpara can bring the headset to the market so quickly, it will be the first “new” VR headset to be launched. It can be on par with Quest 2, and Quest 2 has undoubtedly achieved great results in the past year or so. Success.

In order to do this, it needs a strong spec sheet and feature list, especially considering the versatility of Quest 2, it can play Steam VR games and convenient features such as hand tracking and a large game library, as well as some excellent Accessories.

Fortunately, the Kickstarter list does provide some reference for this. In fact, the all-in-one Arpara headset should have a pancake lens, as well as other features such as WiFi 6 and a 6500mAh battery, and a compatible tracker with the ability to play Steam games. .

Opinion: Is the success of Kickstarter or the success of the technology graveyard?Only time will give the answer

There is no doubt that these two Arpara headphones do look quite good on paper, especially since they smashed their Kickstarter goals in a short period of time, and also studied the respective reference specifications of the device.

The list on Kickstarter means that it has a Qualcomm XR2 chip, such as Quest 2, and the 90Hz refresh rate of the tethered version and the 120Hz refresh rate of the all-in-one version, which is also the same as Quest 2.

If you can trust the screenshots, their interface looks very similar to Oculus headsets and has a similar Guardian system.

In addition, the Kickstarter list also mentioned the virtual world of Arpara headset users, named “arparaland”. Here, they can build their own world, customize their characters and meet new friends, which sounds a lot like Meta’s own virtual social space horizon world.

Perhaps the most eye-catching is the headset equipped with a 5K Micro OLED display. We have seen Micro OLED displays on headsets before, especially on interesting Sony prototypes with 8K displays, so if Arpara can already put them in more consumer-oriented headsets at an affordable price , Then they may become winners.

However, crowdfunding has existed for long enough that people realized that this project can take one of two ways. First of all, it may be like the Pebble smartwatch in 2013, through a very successful support event, launch an excellent product, and then be widely adopted.

Or, it may follow the path of Ouya, which will involve the arrival of a lower-than-expected product, which is then slowly forgotten after its release, before selling the asset to another party. In their case, the Ouya brand and assets belong to Razer.

At least on paper, considering the popularity of VR in the past few years and the renewed interest in it by large companies such as Sony, Apple, and Meta, Arpara 5K headsets seem more likely to follow the path of Pebble, but there are a few things that need to be noted.

A recent article discussed potential reservations about the Arpara campaign, which centered on a pair of hardware testers who were exposed to earlier versions of the headset and pointed out its cheap build quality, poor tracking, and software integration.

If these faults eventually appear in the real product, then of course it is worth paying attention to. In addition, given that the event was only launched two weeks ago, the March 2022 launch date seems a bit fast.

From writing the initial idea on paper and launching a Kickstarter campaign to launching and distributing it in three to four months, this is absolutely unheard of for a startup like Arpara.

Of course, many of these are pure guesses, and the actual user experience of the Arpara headset is unknown before the actual release date, no matter when.

Essentially, they look great on paper, but people may wonder whether they have fulfilled every promise or even made a competitive headset.

We will come back with more VR news, guides and information, don’t forget that PSVR 2 may also appear in front of us soon.

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