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Arsenal star Bucayo Saka and Manchester United star Jayden Sancho in the war zone competition

Call of Duty: The War Zone is known for attracting all kinds of gamers. Arsenal star Bukayo Saka and Manchester United star Jaden Sancho are two of them. Off the court, they compete with each other on the Warzone server.

They have a talent for competition, which is integrated into their gameplay. Although he wants to stay calm and use the game to relax, Bukayo Saka likes to compete with Jadon Sancho. Saka got more from Sancho than he bargained.

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Star of War Zone

Saka, speaking on the BBC Sounds podcast Press X to Continue, described “Call of Duty Warzone” as:

“Happiness and peace exist at the same time. I think everything that happens in your life will be set aside. You only need to focus on games… As long as you like games, that’s why I like games. “This is always a good place… Now I play games, more is to have fun. But of course, when I play, I want to win. “

When asked who he played against, Sarkar said:

“Jadon Sancho, he is very good at Call of Duty: Warzone. He is too good, he is too serious, do you know what I’m talking about? When I play, I play for enjoyment… but I think he is playing Play “at the top and become the best.” But yes, he (Sancho) is definitely the best I have ever played. “

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The best competition is not hostile, but an interesting place. Like his sports, Saka has demonstrated outstanding sportsmanship and is an awesome role model in the game.

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