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“Battlefield 2042” Expert Mackay Guide-Abilities, Techniques and Equipment

Webster McKay is a bit like Spiderman. A Canadian assault soldier who joined the army when he was a teenager like his father before him. He is a combative soldier with great potential to rule the game in all maps in “Battlefield 2042”, especially those with higher verticality.

According to his personal information, Mackay is a “conscientious bastard”, he fought for No-Pats, trying to make up for the regret he has been carrying since the beginning of the army.

Webster McKay abilities and gadgets

Mackay gave him an advantage and allowed him to work with the best Battlefield 2042 experts. The main gadget there was his grappleTo use it, just equip it with a d-pad and launch it on a solid surface.

If you can’t catch something, Mackay will take a few seconds to reload the hook, so you need to improve the accuracy a little bit. If you hit a target, you will zoom in towards it, and then have to wait for the ability to cool down again.

Mackay’s passive feature is agileThis allows him to move faster when aiming at the target, thereby gaining a huge advantage in close range situations.

Webster McKay expert tips

In addition to choosing equipment suitable for the Mackay kit (see below), you should always look for the commanding heights when using this expert. It is easy to find with Mackay, and with the grappling hook, you will be able to reach the map area that other operators dream of.

Using the agility feature requires you to make close contact with enemies and slash them. With your excellent mobility, they can’t hit you so much when aiming, so they should give you an advantage when shooting bad guys. Sometimes it is worth using the grappling hook to get close (or even to hook the enemy himself) and finish them through some powerful close matches.

Webster McKay expert loading concept

Mackay is a fast and flexible expert. For this reason, it may be prudent to choose an SMG class that can go all out at close range. We like the amazing rate of fire of the K30, but the PBX-45 will not hurt you either.

Of course, depending on your teammate’s weapons or your strategy, you may also like a longer range! If you climb high and there is death rain everywhere, then LCMG may be the best!

This is our Webster McKay guide! But don’t worry, as time goes by, we will have more content and will update this page to provide more Mackay-specific information, as well as any unlocking and cosmetics provided for him.

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