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Battlefield 2042 Expert Wikus “Casper” Van Daele Guide – Abilities, Techniques and Loading

“Battlefield 2042” has a large number of experts to choose from, and it may be difficult to master each expert. Wikus “Casper” Van Daele is definitely a beloved operator, and perhaps the most innovative choice among them.

Cautious but deadly, Casper has extensive experience in intelligence gathering. Casper was expelled from his country, South Africa, after discovering a conspiracy involving a senior official. The lone wolf is accused of murder and now lives with No-Pats, hoping to return home someday. Due to his auspicious suit, the sniper is lurking in the shadow of the terrain, which makes him vital in stealth situations.

Here is how to make the most of the sharpshooter.

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Casper abilities and gadgets

Casper’s skills are best suited to include stealth and ensure long-range advantage.

Expertise-OV-P reconnaissance drone

Casper can deploy OV-P reconnaissance drones, which helps to mark nearby enemies and enemy vehicles for itself and teammates within a certain depth of field. UAVs can also emit EMP explosions to confuse the enemy’s technical equipment, making the equipment particularly important in open spaces.

Features-Motion Sensor

This feature will remind you and your friends to pay attention to any approaching enemies. Whether it is at the door you are aiming at or the area behind you; when you have boots on the ground and driving a reconnaissance drone, the sensor will immediately send you a signal.

Expert Tips for Casper

Given Casper’s ability to camouflage the local environment, snipers can be perfectly hidden in conspicuous places. Using an expert sniper, you can conduct remote command attacks on enemy strongholds from a distance to destroy targets. Using the OV-P reconnaissance drone will allow you to mark opponents for your team as they approach these territories in modes such as conquest. The EMP explosion also allows you to disperse the impact of vehicles in open spaces.

Using motion sensors, you can control your own space. Playing as Casper, you can easily detect when the enemy is approaching your back line of defense. This will allow you to continue sniping enemies on the battlefield, knowing that your back is safe and your mind is safe.

Casper expert loading concept

Considering Casper’s insistence on the dark, the most obvious choice is to use a sniper. SWS-10 is simple, but it can effectively locate the enemy accurately. We recommend to equip the weapon with Raven 4x attachment scope to achieve long-range accuracy.

Or, if you want a weapon with a faster rate of fire, DM7 can improve accuracy at long distances. Although it is certified as a semi-automatic rifle, the weapon still allows you to control and power at a long distance.

Casper is a master of disguise, and there are more undiscovered features coming soon. This is why we will continue to update this page to provide more useful guides for tactical assassins. For more information on traversing the DICE network playground, check out our “Battlefield 2042” vehicle collection guide.

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