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Battlefield 2042 update #3 is now available

The release of BBattlefield 2042 was a bit chaotic, as evidenced by our review of the game and the difficult response from the community. However, the team at 343 Industries appears to be working hard to resolve these issues, as evidenced by the hundreds of changes and fixes in Update #3.

What has actually changed? Well, we have a complete list of adjustments on the Battlefield 2042 patch notes page, but here is a quick breakdown of the main changes that need to be noted.

Gameplay changes

The error is being repaired. Yes, we will see more than 150 big and small changes. From audio issues to hit detection and visual issues, we have seen a lot of changes. But this is not all!

In terms of gameplay, we are most excited about the various balance changes in Battlefield 2042. It should start to make things more balanced on the battlefield, weaken Sundance’s cluster grenade slightly, and enhance Naven Rao’s cyber warfare suite. Whether this will drastically change our expert rating list remains to be seen, but it is great to see so many changes in the game.

Other changes

Far from it – Update #3 also provides more things, including a new tool for the Battlefield Portal Logic Editor to check the source of players’ kills, and three weekly missions to enter Battlefield 2042 every week, providing XP and cosmetic rewards for completing them.

Remember, please check the DICE blog post for complete details, but provide us with this information now for Battlefield 2042 Update #3. Now that you have all the latest information, please check our latest updated “Battlefield 2042” best gun rating list to help you improve!

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