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Battlefield Portal prohibits XP farming before update 3.1

The development team of Battlefield 2042 has documented why the XP limit is set for the Battlefield Portal experience.

The battlefield portal was the most exciting part of the game when it first launched. Fans of the series are happy to return to their favorite aspects of their favorite Battlefield game and want to relive those moments in the game as if they were back in the day.

Unfortunately, many players decided that instead of creating the mode and the cool mode provided by the script engine, it is better to open the XP farm server to fight against the robots.

Thank you so much Battlefield through On the Twitter account, we have seen an explanation of the methods and reasoning behind the XP cap of the Battlefield Portal.

In the special mode of the battlefield portal, no changes have been made. These models are planned and managed by the Battlefield 2042 development team, and provide them with a comprehensive match.

The custom experience works slightly differently. Jump into the user-made zombie mode, or customize Battlefield 2042 Battle Royale, things will change a bit.

The custom experience has a minute-by-minute XP cap, which means you will earn XP until you reach a certain minute-by-minute threshold. Contrary to XP farming, if you play the game normally, this shouldn’t affect you.

Why did the battlefield development team try to fight the XP farm server on the battlefield portal?

“It’s not fun. Farm servers prevent established communities from hosting interesting events. People can’t run experiences that better reflect the experiences they want. They are boring and exploitative. We don’t want them.”

We agree with this and hope to make more and more adjustments to Battlefield 2042 to make Portal the experience it has always wanted.

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