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Best PSVR Game of 2022: The Best VR Choice for PlayStation

If you are looking for the best PSVR game to use with your PlayStation, then we are here to serve you.

Even though the headset is now five years old, there are still many great games that can be used with your PS4, PS4 Pro or PS5, if you have managed to pack it.

In terms of using VR on the PlayStation console, this is your only choice at the moment until PSVR 2 appears in front of us, but before then, we have completed the errands for you and listed some of the best basis below Gameplay, features and additional points to play the game.

So, whether you are looking for Beat Saber’s fast-paced, intense musical action, or the slower and scarier gameplay of “Resident Evil 7: Resident Evil”, we can meet your needs.

let’s start!

Best PSVR game

  • Defeat the saber
  • Killer three
  • Blood and truth
  • I expect you to die 2
  • Borderlands 2 VR
  • Astro Bot rescue mission
  • Resident Evil 7: Resident Evil
  • Sniper Elite VR
  • Gran Turismo Sport

Defeat the saber

Check it out on PlayStation Store

In the face of fun and exciting VR games, there seems to be no better starting point than Beat Saber.

It can be said to be one of the best VR games, despite its fascinating but challenging user experience. All this is accompanied by some wonderful gameplay, which will definitely make you active.

As a rhythm-based game, the music on Beat Saber is also indispensable. There are a variety of songs in the base game and add-on packs. These songs have added tracks such as Lady Gaga in the past.

For more Beat Saber actions, feel free to check out our full review here.

Killer three

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Hitman III itself is not an independent VR game, but a wonderful VR port of the classic series involving Agent 47.

Here, VR changes the perspective of the game from a third-person perspective to a first-person perspective, allowing players to truly immerse themselves in the map they are already familiar with in previous games. It provides a quite fascinating VR experience and adds a new angle to adapt.

In addition, you can basically combine the three games into one, because the entire “Assassination World” trilogy is included in Hitman III, so you can also review other classic maps in the previous game, including Paris, Sapi Enza, New York and Skye Island, along with newer cities such as Dubai and Dartmoor

Blood and truth

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Regarding the subject of immersive FPS games in VR, Blood & Truth is currently one of the best choices.

Here you will find the perfect combination of classic shooting action and fascinating spy story, which contains a large number of recognizable movie tropes. From car chases to corridor battles, there is everything to put you in the center of Hollywood blockbusters, but it’s in VR.

Because of this action-packed story, “Blood and Truth” looks equally interesting. When it comes to those gunfights, you need to reload the weapons correctly, which will undoubtedly increase the immersion of this already very fascinating game.

I expect you to die 2

Check it out on PlayStation Store

The themes of spies and movie metaphors also brought us well to “I Expect You To Die 2”.

This provides a more eccentric Roger Moore-Bond-style VR genre that combines strange tasks with some clever puzzle games to create a clever fusion that works well in virtual reality.

There are various interesting tasks to play, including defeating four assassins in the middle of the theater, and crashing a party from the cellar of the building with wine bottles, mines, and masks. It sounds fun.

I Expect You To Die 2 is a clever and interesting puzzle game, full of challenges, and will definitely please quite a lot of people.

Borderlands 2 VR

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Borderlands 2 VR is the VR port of the 2012 classic shooting and loot titles. It still has the same classic charm, but now it has increased immersion due to virtual reality.

Pandora’s entire map is presented in exquisite detail, and the game’s iconic illustrative art style presents a wonderful effect. In addition, the same story is presented with its clever dialogue and comedy time, which is always a reward.

You will also find that the character skill trees in Borderlands 2 VR have been updated to make them more powerful for single players, which also helps to make the game clearer.

There are some new interesting mechanisms, including “Bad Ass Fun Mega Time”, or BAMF for short, which allows you to slow down time and kill enemies in slow motion. This is an interesting little addition to virtual reality, it must be said.

Astro Bot rescue mission

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Completely changed the tune, Astro Bot Rescue Mission is a bright 3D platform game centered on a series of robots whose VR visor was stolen. You and Captain Astro will find it back together.

The gameplay is both beautiful and interesting, with a classic feel, but it is also challenging enough to keep you interested throughout the process.

Platform games keep you alert about where to go next, and the final boss at the end of each level is unique, but it can be beaten and becomes harder and harder as the game progresses, which is always convenient.

The biggest demonstration of the power of Astro Bot Rescue Missionn in VR, though comes from the smart camera, it helps to add another challenge element to this platform game by adding an advantage, because you have to walk around to see what to do and what to continue.

Resident Evil 7: Resident Evil

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We have discussed Resident Evil 7: Resident Evil in our list of the best VR horror games before, but considering how good it is in the general sense, it makes sense to put it here.

The total active time is 12 hours, which makes it one of the longest dedicated VR games on the market, but it allows you to truly immerse yourself in what is happening around you.

You will want to pay attention to this, especially considering that you will find this to be a proper immersive horror game, with a beautiful, slow pace, reasonably positioned jumping panics and some that will definitely keep you busy Clever puzzles.

Sniper Elite VR

Check it out on PlayStation Store

Sniper Elite VR is a wonderful VR port of the excellent wartime sniper series, bringing iconic concepts such as fun gameplay, bloody shooting, and extra immersion.

This particular iteration is set in southern Italy, which is different from some of the previous locations in Berlin and Africa in previous games, but it does provide a certain degree of continuity for Sniper Elite IV.

The battle here is very interesting. Anyone who has played the sniper elite game before will be familiar with it. Players will get points based on the difficulty of the kill.

Sniper Elite VR also retains the bloody killing shots of the series, so now you can learn more about when to blow up the enemy’s brain in VR.

Gran Turismo Sport

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Generally speaking, one of the best use cases is to use it to simulate a racing car, and Gran Turismo Sport provides a very immersive and realistic experience for PSVR.

There are a wide variety of cars to choose from, which means you can drive everything from super sports cars to small hot hatches and everything in between.

Speaking of racetracks, you can expect to find common polyphonic hybrids of real-world racetracks you are familiar with, such as Silverstone, Spa, Panorama Mountain and Goodwood, as well as more fictional racetracks , Such as Broad Bean Circuit and Alsace Circuit.

In addition, you can also pair your VR headset with an excellent racing wheel to provide a higher level of Gran Turismo Sport immersion, which will definitely take things to the next level.

Okay, this is our top list of PlayStation VR games. Please be sure to contact us for more VR guides, news and information, especially since 2022 looks like a bumper year, a large number of headsets are expected to be released, including Meta Quest 3 and Apple’s AR headsets.

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