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BitLife Jailbreak-How to get out of prison

In BitLife, criminal life can have terrible consequences, and you can easily find yourself trapped in prison.Fortunately, our BitLife jailbreak The guide will help you get out of the cell and return to the vast world of text-based simulators. This is no easy task, and it may require multiple trials and errors, but if successful, you will find yourself free from the shackles of the law. However, if you fail, you will find that your sentence is extended.

Not surprisingly, BitLife’s prison mechanism is so detailed and extensive. This is a mobile game designed to replicate all aspects of real life, from a lot of work to the various cars and houses available for purchase. In fact, if you hang out with BitLife Mafia, you will often be put in jail. Fortunately, our handy guide explains how you can control your life as the notorious BitLife gangster. Or, you can purchase BitLife God Mode to make life easier.

How do I go to jail in BitLife?

As you might expect, if you commit enough crimes to attract the attention of law enforcement agencies, you will end up in BitLife prison. This can be anything from stealing a neighbor’s package to trying to rob a bank with arms.

When you commit a crime, once it is done, you always have the possibility of being arrested. If this happens, you have many options: try to escape, try to bribe the police officer, insult them, or leave quietly. The chance of escape is quite low, but if you have a lot of money in the bank and don’t want to lose it through legal procedures, this may be your only option. However, remember that if your attempt to bribe or escape from the police fails, you will face additional charges in court.

Yes, once you are arrested, the next step is to stand before the judge. You will be told what charges you face and the imprisonment penalty that comes with it. From there, you can choose one of three law firms with different prices and quality to hire.

Once you have selected your legal representative, you can proceed to the defense. If you plead guilty or do not participate in the competition, it is very likely that you will end up in jail. Choosing not guilty can set you free, depending on the quality of your lawyer. More expensive lawyers will bring greater opportunities for them to get away with justice.

If you are found guilty, you will be told which prison to go to and how long you will stay in prison. From there, what you can do within the cell is severely restricted. You can write letters, join gangs and cry, but when you are locked up, mechanisms like work are greatly reduced.

How to jailbreak in BitLife

If you have had enough of BitLife prison and want to try to escape early, then there is a way to do it. You will not succeed every time, but in some cases, you will eventually be able to regain freedom.

  • Once locked, click on the prison menu to the left of the age button.
  • Click the Escape option, it will display a grid-based mini game.
    • In this game, your goal is to reach the exit before the guards catch you. You can only move once per turn, and the guard can move twice. The guard will always try to move horizontally, so your goal is to trap him in one of the squares so that he cannot move.
    • When the guard cannot move, you can continue to move, so try to get him stuck and let you run and escape freely.
  • If you succeed, you can be released from prison, but you are still on the run. This means that the authorities will constantly search for you, and you may be randomly captured at any time in the future.

What happens if I fail in the BitLife jailbreak game?

Although the successful BitLife jailbreak mini-game will give you the freedom to continue your life, the consequences of failure are much more serious. If you are caught by prison guards while escaping, you will be beaten and sent back to the cell. To make matters worse, your sentence will also be extended by several years.

Similarly, the more jailbreak games are tried, the harder they are. There are a fixed number of grid puzzles available when trying to escape, the more you fail, the harder they become. Your extended sentence will also add up, so you are likely to be sentenced to more time in jail for trying to escape.

BitLife jailbreak guide

As you know, the BitLife jailbreak process is not easy. Therefore, we have compiled some useful tips for those who have escaped or are still trying to escape. These will help make the process smoother.

If you manage to escape and are wanted by the law, you will want to keep a low profile. We recommend that you try to leave the country first in order to keep a certain distance from the authorities. This can sometimes be counterproductive, as you may be arrested at the border as a fugitive. However, if it works, you will be almost inaccessible in your new home. Similarly, you can also use sex reassignment surgery to change your identity. In fact, you will get special achievements for doing so.

Once you are free, it is also a good idea to stay away from criminal life. That’s because if you are arrested again after running away, the law will give you a stricter sentence. Not only will you be charged for any other crimes, but you will also get an additional sentence for absconding. With this in mind, it is a good idea to comply with the law once you are free and get a perfectly legal job.

On the other hand, sometimes trying the BitLife jailbreak method is not the best idea. If you are only sentenced to a few years in jail, it’s really not worth the trouble. If you escape successfully, you will be on the run for the rest of your life. If you fail, your sentence will be extended. Therefore, if you have been in jail for a short period of time, it is better to pass it quickly instead of risking additional punishment.

BitLife prison riot explained

The part of BitLife prison that is not directly related to escape is the prison riots. These are optional mini-games that you can participate in while locked to cause serious damage. Generally speaking, there is no special benefit to starting a riot, although your chances of escaping from a riot are very slim. Therefore, you may consider this during the BitLife jailbreak process. This is how it is done:

  • When in prison, navigate the menu and select Riot.
  • Then, you will play a Snake-style mini game where you can swipe to create a group of prisoners ready to riot. You need to reach 10 before the riot starts and avoid guards and walls while sliding.
  • Once you have ten prisoners, the riot will begin. You will see a skirmish between the guard and the prisoner’s elves. Normally, people on both sides of the battle will die.
  • If you are lucky, you will escape from prison. Otherwise, your sentence may be extended.

This is all you need to know about the BitLife jailbreak process. We have learned how to escape from prison, as well as some practical tips on evading supervision, and how to escape in riots. We wish you good luck in your attempt to evade the BitLife authorities.

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