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BitLife Model-How to Become a Supermodel

Want to be a Bit Life Model? We have all the tips you need! Entering the fashion industry is one of the most profitable career paths in the game, so join us and we break down how to find successful models.

We will introduce what BitLife’s modeling career involves and how to open the door to this fascinating job. Most importantly, as you gradually become a top-notch supermodel, we will study the different jobs on the model ladder. We will also look at the obvious benefits of this job and the great salary you can expect to take home.

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What is the BitLife model?

As the name suggests, becoming a BitLife model means that your character’s full-time career will be in the fashion industry. In different roles, you will walk on the runway, attract the attention of the paparazzi, and build your own fan base. Becoming a BitLife model will undoubtedly make you famous. The bigger you are, the more photos, business roles and opportunities you will get (such as writing your autobiography).

As a BitLife model, there are multiple roles to choose from: some of them are more prestigious than others, have higher salaries, and have a greater chance of becoming famous. The BitLife model job is as follows:

  • Foot type
  • Hand model
  • Catalog model
  • Underwear model
  • Runway model

Generally speaking, you have to work hard on this ladder. The foot model is considered below the runway model here. If you first try to apply for one of the higher positions, then the chances of you getting an interview are slim. But once you start working as a foot model and build a combination of work, experience, and connections, you will start to see promotions and job opportunities come as planned.

How do I become a BitLife model?

In BitLife, the job application process is always very similar. You just need to go to career and click, go to work, and then apply for any role currently available. It should be noted that the work on the work board is not always immediately available. Therefore, if you don’t immediately see the path into your dream BitLife modeling career, you may need to take a few years and then check back.

It is worth noting that, not surprisingly, if you want a chance to get a BitLife modeling job, you need to have a very high Looks statistic. In this statistic, your role needs to be at least 90%. However, if you did not get high-looking statistics at birth, you can choose to improve this with adult plastic surgery. Health is also very important, so it is a good way to maintain a high level of health by visiting a doctor and exercising.

  • Further reading: How to manually change statistics using the BitLife God Mode option

With high appearance and health, you can apply for a foot model position as soon as it appears. Assume that you are at least 18 years old. If your statistics are high enough, you will get an interview opportunity and you can answer a question at random. Choose the option you think is most suitable, and if you succeed, you will become a BitLife model.

What are the benefits of being a BitLife model?

The main benefit of being a BitLife model is of course money, which of course will not come as a surprise. Selling photos of your feet won’t make you big money (it’s not realistic), but climb the BitLife modeling career ladder and you will slowly start to see your salary soar from hundreds of dollars to millions of dollars. On the other hand, sponsoring filming, writing books, and appearing in advertisements can further increase your income.

In addition to the obvious financial benefits, if you manage to climb the ladder and become a fairly significant model with a reliable social media follower, you will unlock the “fame” feature. From there, you can participate in extra work to make money and compete with the strong competitors in the BitLife model industry.

This should be everything you need to know to become a BitLife model. We have discussed how to become a model, the requirements you need to meet, and the benefits you get on the corporate ladder. With this knowledge, you will soon shine on the runway.

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