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Has hundreds of different BitLife jobs And career choice or fall into, join us, we break the best and worst paths of life. We will cover the entire list of career options available to your BitLife personnel and the many reasons why you might want to seek virtual work in these areas.

Whether you want to use your ingenuity to get rich, or you want to find a lifestyle that is not legal, our BitLife job and career guide will ensure that you get the most from the cards dealt. After all, if you are not completely cutting it in the styling department, then it doesn’t make much sense to pursue a career in BitLife modeling.

Once you get a job at BitLife, you will want to manage your funds wisely. For this, please refer to our BitLife Financial Management Guide for some rigorous financial advice. If you are tired of being at the mercy of fate, check out our BitLife God Mode guide. It will help you adjust the next fun to your liking.

What are BitLife jobs and careers?

BitLife’s work is self-explanatory. They are as necessary in this virtual world as in the real world. They also come in many different forms: some people have part-time jobs, but the most common are traditional full-time jobs.

Full-time BitLife work

As you might expect, these are salaried characters, and your BitLife character receives a fixed salary each year: usually covering the highest paying (and most unique) prestige-based jobs in the game. Although they may limit your leisure activities, full-time BitLife jobs usually provide salary increases or promotions to achieve good performance. After retirement, this is on top of the guaranteed annual pension.

Part-time BitLife work

At the other end of BitLife’s scope of work is part-time work. It is usually used by young people over the age of 16 to earn some pennies while studying at BitLife School. The real-life trend continues here, and wages are generally lower. These roles usually require fewer skills. So while this does mean lower wage rates, it makes them more accessible to those with slimmer statistics. Salary raises and promotions are rare. Therefore, you may only want to rely on these BitLife jobs to help you complete your university studies and find a high-paying job with lifelong prospects.

Freelance BitLife work

However, the fixed BitLife job is not suitable for everyone. If you want to make your character more flexible in life, it’s time to consider freelancing and one-off performances. Once a year, these roles involve activities such as walking the dog. They are hardly lucrative activities, but you can negotiate your wage rate and quickly earn the income you need throughout the year in just a few hours. These one-time performances are unlikely to be the main content of your BitLife experience. You won’t get too much (of course you won’t get any employment benefits) but for some people, this is the right choice.

Crime BitLife Work

Finally, there is an unofficial way of employment—criminal work. Given that you can only get paid by successfully completing bank robberies and burglaries, this is not a stable job, but with huge risks comes huge rewards. The money competing with criminal BitLife jobs is quite high. In fact, the price of a single job is about $10,000. You just need to weigh the risk of having nothing or not going home at all. If the police catch you, you will end up spending all your ill-gotten wealth on attorney fees.

How do I get a job at BitLife?

Getting a BitLife job is very easy. You will get your first opportunity at the age of 13 to engage in freelance and one-time jobs, such as walking your dog and caring for a baby. A piece of popular music is about $9. They are not the most profitable, but they are a good way to start reducing the burden on society or saving for the future.

After you reach the age of 14, you can get your first part-time job. You will unlock the full BitLife part-time job lineup when you are 16 years old, but entering the job ladder as early as possible can bring some better opportunities in your future life. Then, once you are 18 years old, you can use all BitLife jobs and occupations. The method of obtaining is as follows:

  • Click the career menu on the left side of the dashboard.
  • Choose the type of job you want, including part-time, freelance or full-time.
  • Choose the job you want to apply for and check to make sure you have the required skills and qualifications
  • If your application is successful, you will be invited to attend a job interview.
  • Choose the job interview answer that best suits you.
  • If your interview is successful, you will get the job,

What is the best BitLife job and career?

  • actor
  • musician
  • Supermodel
  • Lobbyist
  • Financial Analyst
  • Stockbroker

Generally speaking, the best BitLife jobs and careers are those with the highest pay-so fame-oriented roles like actors or musicians. However, neither is particularly easy to enter. Before entering the music industry, you need to go through many years of training, and becoming an actor also requires certain skills.

  • read more: Our guide to BitLife actors and BitLife singers

However, if a job involving prestige sounds too heavy, then some jobs other than creative arts can be paid quite generously. We recommend reviewing the work of lobbyists, financial analysts, and stockbrokers. However, you need to obtain a university degree in finance or business. As you can guess from the position, they are all focused on business and high-end enterprises, so you need good qualifications to get these high-paying positions.

What is the worst job and career at BitLife?

  • Watchmen
  • Bedpan cleaner
  • Water ski test machine

On the other hand, there are some BitLife jobs and occupations that you absolutely don’t want to pursue. There is hardly any pay for these jobs, so you don’t have enough money to buy your own house or car. The space for promotion and salary increase for these jobs is often limited, which means that if you are satisfied with lower wages, your entire career will be trapped in low wages.

To avoid living on the poverty line, the BitLife jobs you want to avoid are cleaners, potty cleaners, and water ski testers. Salaries for these jobs rarely exceed four figures, and you won’t get many promotions. Therefore, through these low-end BitLife jobs, you will definitely work hard to make your BitLife character lead a productive life.

This is all you need to know about the BitLife job and career system! We have discussed the scope of available work, how to find a job and the best role to promote career development. With this information, you will soon climb all the way up the career ladder of BitLife.

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