Call of Duty Pioneer Bootcamp Challenge: How to complete and get rewards

The release of “Call of Duty Pioneer” caused a surge in the number of players returning to the series of “Call of Duty”. Since a series of new challenges need to be completed at the beginning of the game, players can obtain considerable XP and decorations by completing these challenges.

One of the categories is Boot camp It includes six different tasks that players need to complete. Completing all these tasks will reward players with a total of 8,000 XP and a “stacked corpse” business card.

That being said, let’s dive into how to complete these tasks quickly and get all the available rewards from the boot camp challenge.

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COD Pioneer Training Camp Challenge

Get triple kills without dying (x20)

In order to complete the first mission, the player needs to kill three enemies without dying. However, the task becomes tricky because the player needs to repeat the entire process 20 times to complete it.

Completing this task will reward the player with 2,500 XP and a “stacked corpse” business card.

Get kills after swapping between primary and secondary weapons (x10)

This task requires the player to switch between the main weapon and the secondary weapon before making a deadly shot at the enemy. However, players must kill a total of 10 times after exchanging weapons to complete the challenge.

This task has 1,000 XP as a reward for completion.

Win a game (x5)

Although this is a fairly simple task, it may take a while for the player to complete this challenge. However, the easiest way to complete this challenge is to keep honing until your account registration has five wins.

Players will receive 1,000 XP rewards after completing this task in COD Vanguard.

Kill enemies with installed weapons (x5)

The best way to accomplish this task is to mount the weapon on a suitable surface and shoot it from a long distance. It is best to use a sniper rifle, and players can also use an automatic rifle according to their preferences.

Once the player successfully kills 5 times with the installed weapon, they will receive a reward of 1,000 XP.

Get a headshot (x50)

It is definitely one of the toughest tasks in the boot camp challenge. Getting 50 headshots will definitely put the player’s aiming skills to the test. However, given the amount of time this challenge may consume, using blitz and assault combat rhythms is a good way to speed up the process. Upon completion, the player will receive a reward of 1,500 XP.

Crouch kill (x10)

Another fairly simple task in the boot camp challenge list is that players need to ensure that their game character is in a crouching position when killing an enemy. This process needs to be repeated 10 times in total to complete the task.

This specific task also provides 1,000 XP rewards for all players who complete the challenge. Completing all six tasks above will allow players to complete the boot camp challenge in COD Vanguard.

You see, this is how to complete the boot camp challenge in “Call of Duty Pioneer”. For more information, check out how to complete the Tactician challenge and the best AS44 mount to use.

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