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Can’t delete PIN in Windows 11?Try these methods

How to Windows 11 middleRemove PIN?

1. Disable security settings

  1. according toWindows+Istart upset upapplication.
  2. Choose from the tabs listed in the left navigation paneaccount.ApplicationFrameHost_KLN5GSlinK
  3. Next, click on theLogin options.ApplicationFrameHost_sf718eymf5
  4. Check if you have enabled theTo improve security, only Windows Hello is allowed to log in to the device on this device Microsoft Account (recommended)Options. If it is, click the toggle to disable it.ApplicationFrameHost_JLdnbFsHyG
  5. Now closeset upApplication to make the changes take effect, and then restart it.
  6. Next, navigate toPin (Windows Hello)And click the “Delete” button.ApplicationFrameHost_XPjkjcF3He
  7. Click again “delete”Button.ApplicationFrameHost_zG4DYGbMHH
  8. Verify yourMicrosoft Account password, Then click “OK” toRemove PIN.CredentialUIBroker_fmbd4d0LRp-1

To improve security, only allow Windows Hello to log in to the Microsoft account on this device (recommended) Enable option, deletePINThe options will be grayed out.

This setting stipulates that you need to log in to Windows Hello to access Microsoft The account system.And, to set PIN To use almost all the other options listed here, so “delete”The button is gray.

After disabling the setting, check if you canRemove PIN.

2. Use the I forgot my password option

  1. Navigate to the previously discussedLogin optionsScreen and selectPIN (Windows Hello).
  2. Next, clickI forgot mine PIN code.ApplicationFrameHost_xY4NvGFzrM
  3. Click oncontinueConfirmation prompt proceed.explorer_AagzetUYIn
  4. Enter yourMicrosoft Account passwordVerify and click Login.explorer_oKzX8czVyy
  5. Select the email ID linked to the account to receive the verification code.e9asYszDEB
  6. Enter the verification code you received and clickverify.UB3vDXKFAI-1
  7. Now, leave the two text fields blank and clickCancelTo delete Windows 11 middle PIN.CredentialUIBroker_vPPzfcgimd

Although i forgot mine PINOption is to be avoided, but when the above method does not work, you can use it toRemove PIN. This is an effective method, but it will take some time.

How to change Windows 11 middle PIN?

  1. according toWindows+Istart upset upapplication.
  2. Select from the list of tabs in the left navigation paneaccount.
  3. Click the login option on the right.
  4. Click onPIN (Windows Hello).
  5. Next, clickChange PINButton.ApplicationFrameHost_6AngcegwP6
  6. Enter old in the first field PIN And enter the new PIN, Then clickSureTo save the changes.CredentialUIBroker_zMb5pIGCjO

You can simply change it to something easy to remember instead of completelyRemove PIN.

Do not recommend that you delete Windows 11 middle PINBecause it is associated with biometrics, in case you set any, and these will not work after you delete it.

Why i need PIN Ability in Windows 11 To configure biometrics in?

When configuring biometrics, you will be asked to set up a Windows Hello PIN. This ensures that you can log in even if you are injured or the biometric sensor stops working. Although a password can be used in this case, it is much more convenient to use a PIN.

To help you understand, suppose you have set your fingerprint to log in and injured on the same finger.In this case, if there is no Microsoft You will not be able to log in to Windows with an account password or PIN, and the latter is undoubtedly an easier choice.

How to set Windows to automatically log in at startup?

will Windows 11 Setting up to automatically log in at startup is fairly simple, but if you share your PC with others, we don’t recommend this.

However, if you use your computer as a standalone device with a local account set up, it won’t be too harmful.In addition, you can download from Windows 11 Delete the password to log in quickly.

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