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Change the Windows 11 taskbar to a transparent taskbar

by default,Windows 11 mission BoardSpanning from the left to the right of the screen.Microsoft exist Windows 11 Change the default alignment to centered on the above, but in the processfrom Windows 11 Several options have been removed from the taskbar.

Even basic tasks that are not completely deleted, such asChange the size of the taskbar,exist Windows 11 It is no longer simple on the device.Third-party software to the rescue; such a programTaskbar 11,RoundedTB,orStart11Reintroduced features,If the taskbar moves to the top, Microsoft removed or difficult to change by default.

Want to make the taskbar transparent on their device Windows 11 Users can do the same. The operating system includes an option to apply transparency effects to windows and taskbars, but it is not a 100% transparency effect. Please also note thatIf not activated Windows 11, You can’t change these settings.

This is how you control it:

  1. Choose Start, then choose Settings to open the Settings application (or use the keyboard shortcut Windows-I).
  2. Go to Personalization> Color.
  3. Switch the “Transparency effect” option to on. When you change the parameter value, the taskbar should change its color.

Third-party software is required to make the taskbar completely transparent on Windows 11.

Transparent Windows 11 taskbar


Download the latest version of the open source application from the GitHub repositoryTranslucentTB.I reviewed the plan in 2017. Download the TransluscentTB.appinstaller file from the repository and run it to install the application on the device.

When the application is running, an icon will be added to the system tray area. Right-click the icon and select Desktop> Clear to get a completely transparent taskbar. The app supports other taskbar states; play with those and find the one that suits you best. The color can be customized for each state, except for the normal state.

hint: You can also try Open Shell, the successor of the classic Shell.already Windows 10 When it was released, I posted aboutUse Classic Shell to make Windows 10 Transparent taskbarGuide.

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