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Death Stranding: Director’s Cut will land on PC this spring and support Intel XeSS

Death Stranding: Director’s Cut VersionWill be this springSign inPC.existIntel at CES 2022Announced that the PC port of this critically acclaimed 2019 game is the result of a collaboration between Intel, developer Kojima Productions, and publisher 505 Games.

According to 505 Games, Director’s CutWill be released on both the Epic Games Store and Steam, where it hasListed.The game does not have a more specific release date than Spring 2022, but Intel and 505 Games have promised that it will be “finalDeath strandedExperience”.

Exciting news! @KojiPro2015_CN “Death Stranding Director” will be launched simultaneously on Steam and Epic in the spring of 2022.

This is final#DeathStrandingExperience, and will use Intel’s new XeSS graphics technology.

— 505 Games (@505_Games) January 4, 2022

As part of the Intel/Kojima Productions partnership, Intel stated that it is working with Kojima to “integrate many key Intel technologies.”The director’s cut version will be optimized specifically for Intel’s 12th-generation core processors and will use the company’s newXeSS graphics technology, This is the “AI-based upgrade technology” of the company’s GPU.According to reports, XeSS supports high graphics fidelity settings and isDirector’s CutProvide smoother and more impressive performance.

Death Stranding: Director’s CutIt will be available on PlayStation consoles from November 8. It includes the entire original game, as well as new game modes, new penetration missions and other additional content.This is the first time the game is available on a PC, and it seems that Intel hopes toDeath strandedTake an example to cause buzz around its new technology and artificial intelligence capabilities.

In its CES presentation, Intel revealed several other games that will use XeSS technology, includingHitman III, GritandGrid Legends .The company is also working with several other developers, including Ubisoft and PUBG Studios, to collaborate more closely on the development of engines and XeSS-enabled games for the rest of this year.

Death Stranding: Director’s CutIt will be released on PC in the spring of 2022. Its price point is currently unknown, and for those who already have a basic game on PC, the upgrade path is also unknown.

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