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Dislyte Rank List-All Espers Rank

Looking for one Dislyte layer list? Lilith Games’ new popular fantasy RPG was recently launched in public beta, allowing players to explore its equal myth and futuristic background. As the developers of AFK Arena expected, this game is very gorgeous, with a unique character design inspired by gods from all different cultures, but it adds a modern feel. These Espers are the people you collect in Dislyte, and each of them has their own powerful abilities.

But there is currently no role list in Dislyte, which means it’s hard to know who is who, let alone who may be the best. This is why we chose to create a Dislyte rank list, rank each Esper available for summoning in the game, and list the gods they should represent.We also got some additional information on how to get more roles and whether it can be performed Dislyte reinvest.

If you are looking for more grade lists, why not check out some of our other lists? We have a list of Arknights levels, a list of Azur Lane levels, and even a list of Honkai Impact characters, including the latest combat uniforms. That said, let’s take a look at the best Dislyte roles.

Dislyte layer list





second Unas (Shu), Biondina (Poseidon), Lewis (Ares), Sally (Sif) Raven (Odin), Narmer (Ra), Tang Mei (Sun Wukong), Li Ling (Nezha), Hyde (Hades), Triki (Loki ), Gabrielle (Njord), Mona (Artemis), Lin Xiao (White Tiger), Chalmers (Idun)
A sort of Celine (Siren), Malin (Freya), Lu Yi (Dayi), Kara (Serket), Sander (Set), Heng Yue (Chang’e), Luo Yan (Yanluo Wang), Coco (Medea), Catherine (Hela) , Ren Si (Black Tortoise), Bardon (Baldr), Chang Pu (Yao Ji) Zelmer (Sekhmet), Nya (Heket) Ye Suhua (Shao Siming)
Second Jiang Man (Meng Po), Falcon (Horus), Fairy (Freel), Akana (Hermes), Jacob (Yemengard), Longmian (Ao Bing), Brin (Valekri), Q (Eros), Drew (Anubis), Li Ao (Tao Tie), Melanie (Medusa), Hall (Hodul), Freddy (Fenrir), Tang Yun (six-eared macaque), David (Jason), Berenice (Buster), Lulu (Majed), Leon (Valley)
C Unky Chai (moon old), Eunice (Aphrodite), Pritzker (Mimir), Helena (Helen)

How can I get more Dislyte roles?

In order to pull more characters from Dislyte’s Esper Union, you need to click on the “Gacha” part of the menu. Here, you can use the silver or gold record player to summon superpowers. The silver medal is for recruiting ordinary and rare superpowers, and the gold medal is for recruiting rare superpowers, which is basically a better character.

To summon, you will need a golden record, which you can buy with the game currency Organa. You can get Organa through the initial growth plan task, which will help you build a starting team.

You can also sacrifice your extra or lower rare superpowers to promote your better superpowers and make them stronger in the process, so who you stick to is very important. The first free characters you get are Valkyrie, Drew, and Artemis. The latter is the best of them and it’s well worth the investment.

How do I perform Dislyte Reroll?

Unfortunately, Dislyte will not give you ten free summons when you first start, which is quite unusual for a gashapon game. Therefore, it is impossible to re-roll. It is worth mentioning that the game is currently in the open beta stage, so when it actually launches, it may give players some initial calls. Dislyte’s currency drop is also very stingy, so expect to play some tasks to get enough 10 pulls.

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This is our Dislyte layer list. If you are a fan of other Lilith games, you may want to check our AFK Arena rating list or our Rise of Kingdoms code list for some in-game freebies.

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