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DOGE developers create the first NFT on the Dogecoin blockchain

A Dogecoin developer claims to have created the first NFT on the Dogecoin blockchain.

Provide transaction details, the developer calls @inevitable360 Posted a Twitter thread Explain how the process stores the checksum of its digital assets on the blockchain.

Non-fungible tokens or NFTs are very popular in 2021, but their users insist on using the Ethereum blockchain in most transactions.

NFT created on the Dogecoin blockchain

in a Comprehensive Twitter thread, The user claimed to have used the Sha-256 hash function to complete the casting process. He further explained how the minting process involves storing digital assets on checksums or small pieces of data that usually come from another computational block.

The ownership of the asset can be cross-verified by verifying the checksum embedded in the digital asset.

After publishing their NFT transaction, the creator received support and attention from other developers, including the Dogecoin founder, Billy Marcus.

For example, many people in the comments praised the transaction fees of Dogecoin NFT at minting lower than Ethereum. The developer stated that their NFT casting cost is only 0.01 DOGE (0.0018 USD). Dogecoin core developer Michi Lumin, Say: “NFT with no gasoline bills and less energy usage. V. Very good. And Doge. Wow.”

NFT developers have similar views. they said: “Any artist, musician, painter, composer or anyone else can easily convert to NFT and prove that it is your original work. Almost anyone does not need to pay any price for it.”

In addition to giving them high praise, many Dogecoin holders also used the SoDogeTip bot launched on Twitter earlier this month to provide tips to developers.

Surprisingly, there is basically no price speculation in these comments, or predictions that this may help DOGE’s value skyrocket.

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