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EA calls on NICKMERCS to remove the train wreck from his Apex Legends Championship

Nicholas’NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff revealed that EA asked him not to include Tyler’Trainwrecks’ Niknam in his Apex Legends ChampionshipTrainwrecks responded to EA on Twitter, revealing more of this story than originally revealed. Many people think this is related to the gambling flow of Trainwrecks, but the company says it is unfair.

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Apex Legends MFAM Championship

Trainwrecks will no longer be allowed to participate in Nickmercs’ MFAM (Mercs Family) tournament. As explained in the clip below, EA itself asked his manager to ban Trainwrecks from participating:

For those who don’t know, this alone is a huge revelation. Trainwrecks is one of those people who are not too happy to be singled out. He claimed that it was because he gambled.

EA has launched loot boxes in all their games, from FIFA to Apex Legends. In many countries, loot boxes have been labeled as a form of gambling. Check out these tweets:

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It’s interesting to see how many anchors come out to defend the wreckage of the train. Many of them provide similar services because they oppose the hypocrisy of gambling. other people, Like a god, I am glad to see him oppose the company.

We may never know why they are so opposed.

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