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FIFA 22 ICON Swaps 1: Release date, goals, rewards, what to expect, etc.

In FIFA 22’s Ultimate Team, the busy holiday season began to heat up.

We have already seen the release of the FUT Versus Fire team, and it is expected that FUT Versus Ice will arrive at FIFA 22 later today.

But this is not all that EA has prepared before Christmas. Fans’ favorite ICON Swaps promotion is expected to begin in the next 7 days.

The following is our understanding of this year’s FUT promotion.

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December 13th-

ICON Swaps is expected to land on FIFA 22 this week!

The first ICON Swap of FIFA 21 was dropped on December 11th, because EA gave the Ultimate Team a little holiday gift.

It is expected that this format will be adopted again this year, and ICON Swaps 1 will expire this Friday.

Keep reading to understand what might be.

What is FUT icon exchange?

ICON Swaps is a challenge-based promotion in FIFA Ultimate Team.

The player’s task is to complete many different goals to unlock ICON exchange tokens, which can then be exchanged in exchange for many different rewards that can be found in the team building challenge market.

The value of the reward depends on the number of tokens you collect, from upgrade packages to ICON cards.

ICON Swaps release date

The first phase of the ICON Swaps promotion is expected to arrive at Ultimate Team later this week.

As FUT Versus Ice will land on Monday, we expect EA to abandon ICON Swaps at 6pm GMT Friday, December 17.

FUT ICON exchange rewards

So what can we expect in terms of ICON Swaps rewards?

There will almost certainly be a series of upgrade packages, and the legendary 83+ x25 package may return.

The main focus will be to earn enough tokens to get some ICON rewards provided, which is also EA’s goal this year.

ICON upgrade packs, ICON player selections and personal ICON cards are all expected to be launched.

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