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FIFA 22: Silver Star: Christian Gauseth goal tips

Another release of the best team of the week means that we have a brand new Silver Stars card that we need to strive for.

Seeing the characteristics of Mjondalen IF midfielder Christian Gauseth this week, the Norwegian got a huge upgrade from his level 61 basic card.

Silver Star Gauseth Statistics

On this Silver Stars card, Christian Gauseth upgraded from 62 OVR to 74 OVR.

The biggest in-game upgrade has taken the pace of Gauseth, jumping from 32 OVR to 75 OVR.

Gauseth retained his 2* skills and 3* weak feet.

How to unlock the Silver Star Gauseth

There is nothing new to see here, and the goal remains the same in another week of action.

You must complete three objectives to get this card, they are as follows:

  • Win 3 – Win 3 games in live FUT friendly matches: Silver Lounge (reward 150 XP)
  • 8 points – Scored 8 goals in the live FUT friendly match: Silver Lounge (reward 150 XP)
  • Assist 6 – Assist 6 goals in the live FUT friendly match: Silver Lounge (reward 150 XP)

Silver Star Gauseth validity period

This silver star card will land in FIFA on Wednesday, December 15th at 6 pm British Summer Time.

It will remain in the game for one week and will leave the menu at the same time next week (Wednesday, December 22).

Silver Stars Gauseth Objective Tips

This is not a bad card for your club, especially when you need a silver card to complete the new ICON Swaps goal.

The best tip we can give to those who wish to complete this card is to try to help the community by “promoting” in the Silver Lounge.

Boosts are where you and your opponent allow each other to accomplish their desired goals by avoiding defense when the opponent is attacking.

Obviously, this means you have to trust that your opponent will cooperate with you, but if there is any progress in the community last year, it is worth a try!

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