How to Fix: Game Dashboard icon keeps popping up, Can’t Disable it | Pixel 6 Pro

Along with significant UI changes and the introduction of Material You, one of the most exciting features in Android 12 is the inclusion of “Game Mode”. It is similar to the Xbox dashboard on PC.

While manufacturers like Xiaomi, Realme, and OnePlus have already developed their version of Game Mode, they were all excited to see what Android had to offer. That said, Game Dashboard in Android 12 offers access to various shortcuts and performance profiles.

While the game mode only supports limited titles at the moment, we are seeing developers working on making their apps compatible. It can be accessed by tapping on a small icon that appears every time you play a compatible game.

Android 12 users can easily access some shortcuts, such as FPS monitor, screen recorder, screenshot, YouTube live streaming, and Do Not Disturb, among other features.

But recent user reports suggest that even though they turned off the game pad switch, the icon still appears. It’s really frustrating for those with big fingers or for users who don’t want to use the new feature.

Game Dashboard icon keeps popping up, Can’t Disable it | Pixel 6 Pro

Based on hundreds of reports on the official Pixel Phone support forum, it seems that many Google Pixel 6 Pro users are extremely annoyed by the game board icon that appears every time they swipe in the game or even tap near the screen. bottom of the screen. . In this scenario, the gamepad icon appears at the bottom right corner of the screen and then prompts users to open the game board. It is quite irritating while playing the game.

Some reports also claim that even if affected users turn off the game control panel on the device, the gamepad icon still appears while playing the game, which appears to be a bug in the system at the moment. So it becomes one of the frustrating things for Pixel 6 Pro users if someone doesn’t want to use this feature to play games.

  • The only solution at the moment is to simply disable the Game Dashboard and Game Mode option on the device.
  • However, if the problem persists, we recommend that you simply disable the Game Dashboard app directly from the Apps & notifications section. Alternatively, you can also go to the Settings app > Tap “Notifications” > Select “Do Not Disturb” > Select “Programs” > Tap “Games” (gear icon) and turn off the game control panel.


There is nothing you can do to fix this problem other than the steps mentioned above. We hope that Google will soon release a software update to fix this bug. Until then, keep an eye on this article for more information. We hope this guide has been useful to you. For more questions, you can comment below.

How do I disable the game dashboard icon completely

When playing games, if I make anything resembling a gesture, a white controller pops up near the bottom right of the screen and won’t go away. It’s annoying that it doesn’t have a timer to go away and can’t be swiped. I basically have to restart games once it’s there because it blocks part of the screen. I couldn’t care less about the game dashboard.

How do you use a game dashboard?

Check the box next to Gaming and then tap the gear icon for it. Checking the box enables the schedule for gaming, while tapping on the gear icon for the gaming schedule will take you to the screen to enable the Game Dashboard options.

How do I stop Google play games from popping up?

Near the top left, touch the Play Games icon Google Play Games. Touch Settings. Change your notification settings. Note: To turn off all Play Games notifications, you can uncheck the boxes next to all notification options.

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