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Genshin Impact Baizhu – Everything we know

Find more details around Genshin Impact’s white beads? The mysterious pharmacist and owner of the Bubu Pharmacy in Liyuegang is an unusual character. Not only did he have Dendro’s eyesight, but like Fischer and her Night Crow Oz, Bai Zhu also had a walking and talking companion. Well, rather than walking, it is better to say that Changsheng is actually a snake, wrapping time around the pharmacist’s neck like a scaly scarf.

All you have to do is look at Baizhu, and you will know that he is a playable character-he not only has an impeccable character design, but is also a visual user, and even appeared in Genshin Impact’s main consul story mission China, and the recent moon chasing festival activities. The fact that White Pig was planned as a playable character was also leaked in version 1.5.

So when can you get his hand? In this Genshin Impact Baizhu guide, we have compiled all the information about snake quarrels and pharmacists who use Dendro, including possible release dates, weapons, rarity, and backstory.

When is the release date of Genshin Impact Baizhu?

The release date of Baizhu may actually be much earlier than you think. Although he was initially leaked in version 1.5, because Shiratake has the Dendro vision, he cannot appear until the element exists in the game. Dendro is currently the only element missing from Genshin Impact, which is basically plant magic. However, after the lightning, the next area we will visit may be Dendro Archon in Sumeru.

This is based on the regional order of the preview trailer, which Mihoyo has adhered to so far. Just like Kazuha and Hokuto, as lightning guides, came to a new area with us, maybe Shiraiku will eventually become our guide to Sumeru. It’s hard to say when that will be, but it depends on how long Mihoyo chooses to stay in lightning after Genshin Impact 2.1.

Does the active god hit the white pearl flag?

There is no banner about Baizhu, because his release date may be far away, but we know from previous leaks that he is likely to be a five-star character, and he will be with another four new characters Appearance-the star role when he arrives. Maybe Yaoyao will be the four-star, because we know that she may also become a user of Dendro Vision. There is no definite statement yet.

Yuanshen impacts the size and abilities of Atractylodes macrocephala

Data miners have discovered that Bai Zhu is a catalyst user, which makes sense when you consider that he has suffered from a debilitating disease throughout his life, which means that he may not be able to withstand the pressure of physical combat. His illness was the reason why he sought immortality, and also the reason why he took in the zombie Qiqi. He continued to study, but also began to take care of her.

We also know that Baizhu is a user of Dendro Vision. As mentioned before, Dendro is basically plant magic. Although there are no characters with this element now, there are Dendro slimes in the game-they are those hidden underground and not resistant to fire, just as you would expect from plants. That way. Dendro will have a unique elemental response and resonance, but Dendro’s magic is likely to involve entangled enemies similar to Freeze.

Yuanshen Impact Atractylodes Weapon

When the data miners discovered that Bai Zhu was designed as a playable character, they also found evidence of an iconic weapon called the Emerald Catalyst. We don’t know what’s the use of this, and we don’t know whether Baizhu will come back when it finally rolls over, but if he doesn’t get his own unique weapon, then the powerful catalyst for him to choose is more than enough.

What is a white bamboo snake?

Changsheng is the name of a snake that white bamboo wears like a scarf around its neck. She has white scales and red eyes, and like Oz the Nightcrow, she can speak. It is not clear who Changsheng is, but it is likely that she is like Fischer, or the electric wolf spirit of the razor, she is a familiar person, or a certain embodiment of the power of white bamboo. It does not seem to be a coincidence that her name translates into “longevity”, and Bai Zhu is looking for an immortal life.

Original heart hits Baizhu voice actor

Baizhu’s Japanese voice actor is Kōji Yusa, you might recognize him from many animes, but in the past few years, he has starred in high-level invasion, Dororo remake, Midnight Mystery Civil Service, and most recently in Vanitas. However, Bai Zhu’s English dubbing is a bit strange, because somehow it has changed a lot between the original cutscenes and the recent cutscenes. Bai Zhu also returned as part of the Moon Chasing Festival, but despite this, there is still no sign of when he will arrive.

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This is everything we know about the white beads of Genshin Impact. If you are looking for more information about upcoming characters, we have guides about Toma, Goro, Ito Shintaki and even the upcoming Golden Wolf King boss.

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