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Get ready for an iPhone 15 with "super-zoom"

Rumors about the next iPhone are getting more and more advanced. We already know practically everything about the iPhone 14, and now we get relevant information about the iPhone of 2023, the theoretical iPhone 15. According to analyst Jeff Pu, via MacRumors, at least one of the iPhone 15 models released in 2023 will feature a “periscope camera” system with a 10x optical zoom.

The most curious thing is that not the first rumor we heard about the iPhone 15. We have already told you about processor that will incorporate, the new 5G that Apple prepares and some camera news similar to those that we tell you today.

With a periscope camera system, the light entering the telephoto lens of the iPhone is would reflect off a mirror at a 90 degree angle towards the camera sensor. This allows for a larger telephoto lens inside the iPhone without the iPhone having to be thicker, allowing for more zoom optically.

Periscope camera

This is a periscope camera

The iPhone would not be the first device to incorporate this technology. On the market we find some smartphones with periscope cameras, such as the Samsung’s Galaxy S21 Ultra and Huawei’s P40 Pro +. Currently, the iPhone 13 Pro have a 3x zoom, so this sensor could greatly improve photography.

Ready for an iPhone with 4 cameras

Incorporating a camera like this would mean that the iPhone I would need one more sensor. The 10x zoom is really good, but this sensor would not allow you to zoom less than 10x, unless Apple included a mobile system within this sensor.

If this is not the case, it would be necessary a second telephoto lens with a 3x like the current one to be able to zoom less than 10x and not pull a cutout of the main lens. At least that is how the rest of the manufacturers have solved it.

It remains to be seen whether this camera system can be implemented on a small iPhone. This type of cameras take up a lot of space, so it should not be surprising if it only includes the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

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