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Halo infinite asynchronous calculation and how to turn it off

ortiHalo Infinite Async Compute is designed to make your GPU easier, but it may cause you some unexpected problems. Many players, mainly those using AMD devices, have reported an increase in the use of asynchronous computing to cause Halo Infinite to crash. If this is you, the benefits of turning it off far outweigh the benefits of keeping it active. This is how to deal with it.

What is asynchronous calculation in Halo Infinite?

Asynchronous computing should help solve potential screen tearing and other problems by allowing your GPU to multitask. In theory, this is a good thing, and it may help improve the performance of your computer.

However, the asynchronous calculation of Halo Infinite is currently experiencing problems on some graphics cards, mainly AMD Radeon RX 500. This is one of the known issues that 343 is currently working on, and it is likely to be fixed when it is complete. The game will launch on December 8.

How to turn off asynchronous calculation in Halo Infinite

Turning off asynchronous calculation only requires quick access to the settings menu.

  • Press F1 or click the gear icon in the lower right corner of the screen
  • Navigate to the “Videos” tab
  • Scroll down in the “Display” group until you find Async Compute
  • Click the box to uncheck it

That’s it. So far, there have been no reports of significant performance degradation caused by turning off this feature.

If you need more practical help after the game stops crashing and need to fight, we have a large number of Halo Infinite guides to help you improve your ranking. If you use the wrong weapon, there is no fun, so be sure to choose carefully and grab the best weapon before anyone else. The shadow turret is also a good shout, who knows. You may even end up like a steak.

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