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Halo Infinite: How does the ranking system work?

The multiplayer mode of Halo Infinite has begun! Starting from Season 1, Heroes of Reach Battle Pass has a lot of rare equipment and exquisite armor to customize your Spartan warrior.

Entering the online platform of shooting games can be a bit overwhelming, especially in the latest updated ranking system. We broke down the new scenario and detailed the game modes and loads you need to focus on to improve your ranking.

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Halo Unlimited Level Explanation

The previous iterations of shooting games require you to go through an XP-based structure. Instead, the latest episode follows a level-based plan, which is attached to its battle pass system. Following a hierarchical structure divided into six independent blocks, the highest level is Onyx.

For each level, you can upgrade six levels:

  • Bronze (I-VI)
  • Silver (I-VI)
  • Gold (I-VI)
  • Platinum (I-VI)
  • Diamond (I-VI)
  • agate

If you just start the game, you need to play 10 games to enter a specific ranking. However, it is important to remember that these qualifying matches are specific to the ranked queue you want to participate in. Therefore, you need to use the controller to play 10 games in the Solo/Duo queue, and simultaneously play 10 single-player games/Duo use the mouse/keyboard and open the queue.

After you get the position, you can continue the competition to further improve your ranking. You can also be downgraded based on your performance in the game-the final result (win or lose) also determines the process.

Halo Infinite ranking mode map playlist

After ranking, “Ranked Arena” has a set of maps and game modes for you to play.

This is a complete playlist of ranking modes and additional locations available at launch (via 343 Industries):

  • Capture the flag on Aquarius, Bazaar, Behemoth
  • Live ammunition, charging, weirdness on the streets
  • Aquarius killer, bazaar, live fire, charging, street
  • Live ammunition, charging, stronghold on the street

More maps and modes will be added to this compilation later, so if there are any changes, we will update this page.

Halo Infinite Ranked Mode Game Settings

343 Industries also set up specific game features that will be implemented in each ranked game:

  • All players start with BR75 (combat rifle).
  • Combat sensors are disabled in all matches.
  • The fire of friendship is burning.
  • All grenade hit markers are disabled.
  • Static item generation is a feature.

Similar to the ranking map, these gameplay aspects may change further with the life of Halo Infinite.

This is an exciting time for Halo fans and newcomers. With Halo Infinite’s battle pass plan and smooth multiplayer action, now is the best time to enter the Microsoft flagship series! The ranking system will also change in the future, so please pay close attention to this page as we will keep updating it with new information.

In the meantime, why not check out the complete atlas available in Halo Infinite.

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