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How can I prevent Chrome, Edge or Firefox from accessing my webcam or microphone in Windows 11/10?

How to prevent Chrome from accessing the camera andmicrophone?

To prevent Google Chrome from Windows 11Visited in /10Webcamormicrophone, You need to perform the following main steps:

  1. start upGoogle Chrome.
  2. Go to its site settings page.
  3. Scroll down to permissions.
  4. Tap the camera option.
  5. Turn on the option to not allow websites to use your camera
  6. Return to the site settings page.
  7. choosemicrophoneOptions.
  8. Enable Do not allow sites to use yourmicrophoneOptions.

First, start the Google Chrome browser and type in the address barchrome://settings/contentAnd press the Enter key.This will open Chrome’sSite settingspage.

Next, on the site settings page, scroll down toAuthoritypart. Here you can set the location,microphone, Camera, notifications, etc.


Now to disableWebcamFor access, please click “camera”Options. On the next page, you can set camera permissions and settings.You will be able to see hereDo not allow websites to use your cameraOptions.Just turn on this option to prevent Chrome from accessing yourWebcam, And then return to the previous site settings page.


After that, just clickmicrophoneOption, and then enable Do not allow websites to use yourmicrophone.


exist Windows 11/10, Google Chrome will now be blocked from accessing yourmicrophoneOr camera. If needed, you can also customize these permissions for specific websites.

Block Firefox accessWebcamormicrophone

You can also block Mozilla Firefox from accessing on Windows 11/10Webcamormicrophone. You can follow the steps below:

  1. Open Firefox.
  2. Click the three-column menu.
  3. Press the setting option.
  4. Go to the Privacy and Security tab.
  5. Under the “Permissions” section, click the “Settings” button next to “Camera”.
  6. Enable the Block new requests for access to your camera option and click the Save Changes button.
  7. Return to the permissions page.
  8. Click onmicrophoneThe settings button next to it.
  9. Turn off block request accessmicrophoneThe new request checkbox, and then press the save changes button.

Just open the Firefox browser and click the three-bar menu button in the upper right corner. Then, select a setting option.

On the Firefox settings page, navigate toPrivacy and securityTab and find the permissions section. You will see various permission options under the “Permissions” section. Click the “Settings” button next to the “Camera” option.


Now enableBlock new requests to access your cameraCheckbox and presssave ChangesButton.


Similarly, you can prevent Firefox from accessing the microphone. Go back to the permission settings page and click the settings button next to the microphone. After that, turn on the option to block new requests that require access to the microphone and click the Save Changes button.

From now on, unless you change the settings, your Firefox browser will not be able to access your microphone or camera.

Prevent Edge accessWebcamOr microphone

The following is blocking Microsoft Edge Steps for the browser to access the camera or microphone on Windows 11/10:

  1. Open Edge Browser.
  2. Click the three-dot menu.
  3. Choose a setting option.
  4. Go to the Cookies and Site Permissions tab.
  5. Click the “Camera” option under the “All Permissions” section.
  6. Turn off the Ask before access option.
  7. Return to the previous page.
  8. Select the microphone option.
  9. Disable the Ask before access option.

First, open Microsoft Edge And click the three-dot menu button in the upper right corner. From multiple options, click Set Options.

Now go toCookies and site permissionsTab, and scroll down from the right panel to the all permissions section.


Next, clickcameraOption, then closeAsk before visiting (recommended)Options.This will prevent Edge Visit yourWebcam.


Now, go back to the previous page, which isSite settingsPage and selectmicrophoneOptions.After that, closeAsk before visiting (recommended)Options.This will disable Edge Microphone access on.


If you decide to allow Microsoft Edge To access your microphone or camera, you can turn on the above options.

How to Microsoft Edge Stop using my camera or microphone on the website?

To block specific websites from Edge To use your camera or microphone in, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Open Edge And navigate to the to blockWebcamOr the website visited by the microphone.
  2. Click the lock icon next to the URL.
  3. Select the permission options for this site.
  4. On the next page, click the drop-down button next to the “Camera” or “Microphone” option.
  5. Select the blocking option.

First, start Microsoft Edge browser and open you want to block access to the microphone orWebcamWebsite.

Now, click the lock icon next to the website address in the address bar.From multiple options, clickThis siteofAuthorityOptions. A new tab will open to set permissions for the current website.


Here, click the drop-down button next to the “Camera” or “Microphone” option. And, select the blocking option. This will block camera or microphone permissions for this particular website.


Similarly, you can also prevent websites from accessing your Microsoft The camera or microphone on the Edge.

Can someone spy on me through my laptop camera?

WebcamJust like any other technical device, it is vulnerable to hacker attacks. If an unauthorized entity accesses your computer resources, including your webcam, the adversary can spy on you and the people around you.In order to access the user’s webcam, the attacker would useTrojan horse malwareor Remote Access Technology (RAT).However, you can avoid such attacks and preventSelf-monitored by the computer. Just observe any suspicious activities, such as the mouse cursor moving without touching, or the screen flickering from time to time, or running some suspicious background processes in the task manager. All these are signs that someone is monitoring you through your camera.

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