How the iPhone 5s changed the history of smartphones

The iPhone 5s was introduced in 2013, so almost 8 years have passed since its arrival on the market. This iPhone model kept the same design of the iPhone 5, which for the first time had changed the screen size of the iPhone, and introduced two very important news. News that caught the entire industry against it, which took more than a year to catch up

To the the same as happened with the iPhone 3GS, the iPhone 5s was a revolution at the time, introducing novelties that are still present and that marked the future of technology.

Touch ID

Fingerprint sensors in smartphones are a safe and fast unlocking method, which is why they became so popular after the arrival of the iPhone 5s. It is true that Touch ID was not the first fingerprint sensor in a smartphone, but it was the first that was really worth disabling.

iOS 12 iPhone 5S

IPhone 5s in space gray

Apple’s innovation was so great at the time that its rivals could not introduce an alternative that more or less worked in a similar way until a year later. The fingerprint sensor is still the most used unlocking method in current smartphones And although Apple has decided to put it aside in favor of Face ID, it is still important on devices like the iPad Air.

64 bit processors

The other great novelty that the iPhone 5s introduced was the A7 1.3 GHz processor with a 64-bit architecture, being the first smartphone with this technology. Although at first it was not noticeable in excess, when the apps were updated they began to improve. The 64 bits allowed access to more RAM memory, so Apple was getting ahead of the future.

At the time, rivals such as Qualcomm said this was simply marketing, however, it didn’t take long to get to work on a 64-bit processor, which they released more than a year ago. Today, all mobile processors are 64-bit.

The iPhone 5s was revolutionary, and he is still fighting. An artist has been 7 years using it as the main camera, which shows the great camera that it introduced at the time.

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