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How to check OneDrive storage space usage in Windows 11/10

How to Windows 11 Find OneDrive storage space in

There are two ways to check the storage space in OneDrive, depending on which version you are using. If you are using the OneDrive app, you can check it through the app. However, for the online version of OneDrive, you can view it through the website. Let’s see how:

How to view OneDrive storage space in the app

step 1:ifOneDriveThe application is already running in the background, just go tomission BoardIn the lower right corner, expand the system tray and click on it.

*Notice-If inTaskCan’t find the app icon in the bar, just go toStartAnd type in the Windows search barOneDrive. Next, click “Best match”The results under the section to openOneDriveapplication.

Step 2:After opening, click “Help and settings”Options.System-Tray-OneDrive-app-Help-Settings

Step 3:Next, click on theset up.


Step 4:existMicrosoft OneDriveIn the settings dialog box, stay at “account”In the tab, you should be able to see the remaining storage space in the total storage space here.

When finished, pressOKquit.


Now you can check this wayOneDriveStorage space in the application.

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