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How to customize the quick operation center on Win11

Windows 11 The UI is getting a new look, but features such as Action Center still exist. This is how to customize its quick action buttons.

Microsoft is Windows 10 Introduced Action Center.It still exists in Windows 11 Medium, but it has been painted with a new layer of paint, and now it operates slightly differently. The action center is the position above the clock in the lower right corner of the taskbar. It includes system and application notifications and a “quick action” button for entering system settings. The system settings will vary depending on the type of PC you are running it on.But let’s see how to Windows 11 Customize the experience.

exist Windows 11 Open and customize the action center on

You can open it by right-clicking the battery icon on the laptop.Or, on any PC, use the new keyboard shortcut Windows key + AOpen it.

Notice:There, you will see various quick action buttons available.Here, I am running on a virtual machine (VM) Windows 11, So it won’t display as much as an ordinary laptop.


Depending on the function of your system, you will see buttons for other items, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, airplane mode, power saving, projection, nearby sharing, mobile hotspots, etc.

exist Windows 11 Edit action center button

To customize the buttons you see and have access to, useWindows key + AOpen the action center. Then click “edit”Button (Pencil icon).


This will give you a screen with the buttons displayed in gray. You can unpin them from the action center by clicking the pin icon next to the button.Or, if you want to add more items, clickAdd toA list of other things that pops up at the bottom is added to it.

It’s important to note that the items you have to add or don’t add depend on your running Windows 11 PC. For example, most desktop computers do not have a “power saving” option.


It’s also worth noting that you can also rearrange the buttons. In edit mode, just click and drag each button in the order you want. This process is like moving the application icon on a smartphone.

Everything here is its. After configuring the quick settings, click the “Finish” button and close the operation center. The next time you open it, the items you add or delete will be reflected on the menu.

For more information about the Windows 11 user experience, check out our article on moving the Start button to the left. You may have noticed that opening the Task Manager is no longer as simple as right-clicking on the taskbar.

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