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How to customize Windows 11 quick settings

Windows 11 of”Quick Setup“What’s in the menu?

exist Windows 10 , Whenever you click on the notification area, there will be an action center with various frequently accessed options. However, this is a bit cumbersome.Microsoft now uses better UI design and more usefulQuick SetupThe menu replaced it. The functions in this menu vary from device to device, and you can also decide which functions to display in this panel.

Here is where you are Windows 11 of”Quick SetupDefault options available in the panel:

Wi-Fi:You can access the WiFi function, allowing you to quickly connect or disconnect from the Internet. In addition, by clicking on the arrow icon, you will be able to view multiple available network connections. You only need to select the one you want to connect to.

Accessibility: This option allows you to quickly access and use Windows 11 Accessibility features, includingMagnifier, color filter, narrator, mono audioandSticky keys. You can enable any of these functions by clicking Accessibility.If necessary, you can clickMore accessibility settingsOption to turn on advanced accessibility features.

Flight mode:Enable or disable airplane mode according to your requirements.

Power saving mode:Use is to easily enable or disable the power saving mode to savelaptopBattery.

Bluetooth: This will turn on or off the Bluetooth chip on the device.

Focus assist: This option will enable you to switch between different focus assist modes that disable Windows 11 notifications. There are modes such as priority only, alarm only, or disable this function.

volume:Just increase or decrease the volume of the device.

brightness:Increase or decrease the brightness of the display according to your preference.

Desktop computers running Windows 11 will get fewer options. For example, they will not get power saving options.

To be able to get fromQuick SetupTo access more settings options, just click on all settings (gear icon).

How to access quick settings in Windows 11?

You can use different methods to bring up the quick setting panel on the system. Here are the main ways to easily access the Quick Settings panel in Windows 11:

To easily open the Quick Settings panel, you can press on the keyboardWindows + AKey combination. This will open the quick settings panel on the right, which contains different commonly used options, such as WiFi, Bluetooth, volume, brightness, flight mode, accessibility, etc.

Another way to open the “Quick Settings” menu is to click the WiFi, volume, or battery icon in the system tray on the taskbar.

Desktop PC users and users who use wired Internet access have a volume icon next to the computer icon. Users can click on the icon to open the “Quick Settings” menu.

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