How to disable the recommended section in the Win 11 start menu

Microsoft fromStart Menu, Taskbar, file explorer, context menu,Microsoft Store isWindows 11Gives a completely modern appearance.By default, the centered start menu is fixed underofRecommended partmiddleShow recently added and opened applications, files and folders. If you don’t like the file that appears every time you press the Win key, you can disable or hide it.

In the Windows 11 start menuRecommended part

Hate or don’t like centered in the start menuRecommended partThe reason, this is what Microsoft should do:

  1. It shows half of the start menu, but it doesn’t actually show some useful things.
  2. If you use Windows 11 in the office or at home, when someone presses Win+Key, all the content you open will be displayed, which is a privacy issue.
  3. It is recommended not to open the file in its default application.
  4. Microsoft An option should be provided to clear the entire section or hide it to avoid the hassle of manually deleting individual items from the list.
  5. The start menu should display more fixed applications insteadRecommended part.
  6. The Redmond company should move it to “Search”, where “Top Apps”, “Recent Searches” and “Quick Searches” are displayed.

The above sums up, Microsoft should report to the optionsclosureOr R EM OVEIt is recommended to increase the size of the Windows 11 start menu to provide more space for the appearance of fixed applications.As of now, the recommended area cannot be collapsed or disappeared, but you can hide the displayed content. This is how you do it.

Disable the recommended section in the Windows 11 start menu

  1. accessset up>personalise
  2. chooseStart
  3. closurethe following.

“Show recently added apps”

“Show recently opened items in Start, Jump List, and File Explorer”

The following is how the start menu is handled.


To restore the items in the recommended area, switch the above start settings.

Download the latest versionWindows 11 Pro ISO file:click to enter Continue to update the original pure version of Win11

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