How to disable the search function on Windows 11

Why do I need to disable Windows Search?

Believe it or not, in addition to getting rid of the nasty Bing results, in Windows 11 There are also some benefits to disabling the search function. These benefits include reclaiming computer resources and space on the hard drive, as well as reducing power consumption and ongoing background tasks.

In addition, disabling features can help those who Windows 11 Low-end PC struggling on the Internet. Windows 11System requirements are very high, By reducing the amount of work that the computer must handle, you will make the machine run smoother and faster.

It is not recommended that you disable any type of search function. Windows Search is currently the most efficient search tool on Windows 11. It is one of the few performance superiorThird partyOne of the native applications of the application.

This guide will guide you through the steps of how to disable the search function on Windows 11.It will also explain how to make Windows search in the notebookcomputerIt is more energy-efficient.This can be done in your notebookcomputerMinimize the index when the battery is low.

How to disable the search function on Windows 11?

1. Use the command prompt

  1. Click the magnifying glass icon to open the search bar and enterCommand prompt.
  2. When the command prompt appears, clickRun as an administrator.command-prompt-1-edited-1
  3. Enter this command:REG UPDATE HKLMSYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesWSearchStart=3command-prompt-2-edited
  4. Press Enter on the keyboard when finished.
  5. Then typenet.exe stop "Windows Search"command-prompt-3-edited
  6. hitEnter.
  7. Windows search is now temporarily disabled. Once you use it, the function will be reactivated after restarting the computer.

2. Via the service application

  1. Open the search bar and typeServe.
  2. Click the first result you
  3. In the “Services” window, findWindows
  4. Right-click on the entry and
  5. Click in this new
  6. Click next to the startup typeDrop-down menuAnd
  7. Click onSureTo save the
  8. To re-enable the Windows service, right-click the entry again and select “Properties”.
  9. Click onDrop-down menuAnd chooseAutomatic (Delayed Start).services-7-edited
  10. Click onStartTo activate
  11. ThenSureSave your

3. Permanently disable the search function

  1. Open the search bar and typeServices.
  2. Click the first entry that
  3. turn upWindows searchEntry and right-click on
  4. Right-click on Windows Search and
  5. Click
  6. Click onDrop-down menuAnd
  7. Click “Sure”save
  8. Now you have to set up Windows Search RenameThis folder to prevent Windows 11 from accessing it.
  9. Open the file explorer.
  10. In the top bar, enterC:WindowsSystemApps.system-apps-1-edited
  11. Find the nameMicrosoft.Windows.Search_cw5n1h2txyewyFolder.system-apps-2-edited
  12. Right-click on the folder and selectShow more options.system-apps-3-edited
  13. Click onRenameandRenamefolder.system-apps-4-edited
  14. You will be asked to grant administrator rights.chooseYes.system-apps-5-edited
  15. RenameAfter the folder, double-click to open the folder.
  16. turn upSearchApp.exedocument.system-apps-6-edited
  17. Right click on the file and selectShow more options.system-apps-7-edited
  18. chooseRenameTo rename the file.system-apps-7-edited-1
  19. Grant administrator privileges when
  20. Close the file explorer and restart the computer.

4. Prevent Bing web results from appearing in Windows search

  1. Open the search bar and typeRegistry Editor.
  2. Click the first entry you see.registry-1-edited-1
  3. Click onHKEY_CURRENT_USERTo expandDrop-down menu.registry-2-edited
  4. Next, click “software”To expand another drop-down menu.registry-3-edited
  5. choosepolicy.registry-4-edited
  6. Click onMicrosoft.registry-5-edited
  7. Then clickWindows.registry-6-edited
  8. Right-click on Windows and selectNew.
  9. Select in this new menuKey.registry-10-edited
  10. Name this new keyExplorer,Then press Enter to save.registry-11-edited
  11. Right-click on the explorer to open the menu.
  12. Choose New, then chooseDWORD (32-bit) value.registry-12-edited
  13. Name this new entryDisableSearchBoxSuggestions,Then press Enter.registry-13-edited
  14. Double-click the entry to open a new window.Set the value data to1, And then click OK.registry-14-edited

5. Optimize power efficiency by configuring Windows Search (laptop onlycomputer)

  1. In the “Start” menu, click “set up”Icon to open the menu.laptop-1-edited
  2. Select in the sidebarPrivacy and security.laptop-2-edited
  3. Scroll down and click “Search for Windows”.laptop-2-edited-1
  4. When indexingSwitchRespect power settingsswitch.laptop-4-edited

Are there other search bar issues I should be aware of?

Rarely, you will encounter problems with the Windows 11 search bar, but sometimes you will encounter random glitches. If the search bar suddenly decides that one day it starts to cause you problems, you should first restart your computer and search for Windows Update.

If this doesn’t work, you may needRun the index troubleshooterTo find out what went wrong with the search bar.In the file explorer, learnhowIt might be nice to add tabs while searching, so you can keep track of where the files are.


learnHow to disable file browser search historyAlso very good. This is a great way to keep your information private, especially on shared PCs. The readily available search history is annoying.

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