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How to easily turn off sticky keys on Windows 11

what is”Sticky keys“?

Sticky keys“Is an accessibility feature in Windows that allows you to execute keyboard shortcuts without having to hold down multiple keys at the same time. This is very useful in some situations

And users with physical disabilities.

If your keyboard seems to be behaving incorrectly, or your keystrokes are not working as expected, thenSticky keysIt may be the cause of this problem. If you don’t need it, you can disable this feature in the following ways.

How to Windows 11 Or off on 10Sticky keys

There are many ways you can Windows 11 On offSticky keys. Start using the method that best suits your current needs.

Method #01: Press the right button 5 times (keyboard shortcut)

SwitchSticky keysThe first and best method is to use keyboard shortcuts.Press the R Shift key on the keyboard 5 times to close the keyboardSticky keys.

Will not be the sameVisual confirmation, But once disabledSticky keys, You should be able to hear the tone.

If you don’t get confirmation at all, then just press the R Shift key more than 5 times until it asks if you want to enable “Sticky keys“Dialog box. Click “No”, you can now rest assured that theSticky keysclosed.

Method #02: Use settings

You can also use the Settings app to turn offSticky keys. Please follow the guide below to get started.

according toWindows + UOpen the “Accessibility Settings” page on the keyboard. Scroll to the bottom and click “Keyboard”.

Now turn off the “Sticky Keys” switch at the top.


Sticky keys will now be turned off on your device. Use the following sections to further customize the behavior of sticky keys on the system.

Customize sticky key behavior

according toWindows + UAnd select “Keyboard”.


Click “Sticky Keys” at the top.


Now enable or disable the following functions according to your preference.


  • Keyboard shortcuts for sticky keys:Enable or disableSticky keysR Shift key shortcut
  • Show the sticky key icon on the taskbar:If the sticky key is active, you will display related icons in the taskbar.
  • Press twice in a row to lock the shortcut key: press twice in a rowThe Win, Shift, Alt and Ctrl keys will be locked.
  • Turn off sticky keys when pressing two keys at the same time:As the name suggests, this feature can automatically turn off sticky keys in case the user doesn’t know that they are enabled or don’t need them.
  • Play a sound when you press and release the shortcut key:You will get audible feedback whenever you press the Ctrl, Alt, Shift, and Windows keys.

Method #03: Use the control panel

You can also turn off sticky keys from the control panel. Please follow the guide below to get started.

Open the “Start” menu, search for “Control Panel” and launch it from the search results.


Click the drop-down menu in the upper right corner of the screen and select “Large Icon”.


Now click on “Ease of Access Center”.


Click “Make the keyboard easier to use.”


Now uncheck the “Turn on Sticky Keys” switch.


Click “Apply” at the bottom.


That’s it! You will now disable the sticky keys on the system through the control panel.

Can’t turn off sticky keys?How to fix

If you cannot turn off the sticky keys, there may be a problem with your UI or Windows installation. In this case, you can edit specific registry values ​​to turn off sticky keys on the system. Please follow the guide below to get started.

Method #04: Use the registry

Press downWindows + RKeyboard and enter the following. Press Enter when finished.



Now use the left sidebar to navigate to the given path. You can also copy and paste the same content in the address bar at the top of the screen.

HKEY_CURRENT_USERControl PanelAccessibilityStickyKeys


Double-click the “Logo” on the right.


Enter 506 as the new “value data”.


When finished, click OK.


Close the registry editor and the sticky keys on the system should now be disabled indefinitely.

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