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How to enable the touch keyboard on Win 11 to save time

How to Windows 11 Enable onTouch keyboardTo save time

The following is enabled on Windows 11Touch keyboardThe action to be performed.

If you have a touch screen PC running Windows 11, if you want to use it like a tablet, useTouch keyboardWould be very helpful. Did you know that you can enable the icon on the taskbar to open the on-screen keyboard at any time? This is what you need to do.

EnableTouch keyboard

In order to display the Windows 11 on-screen keyboard buttons, you need to go to Windows settings. Fortunately, Microsoft provides some shortcuts: right-click (or long press) the taskbar and select taskbar settings.

The settings app will openPersonalization> Taskbar.
Click the “Taskbar corner icon” option to expand the menu.
touchkeyboard2.png.webpFrom here, open the touch keyboard. You should now notice the keyboard icon in the lower right corner of the Windows 11 taskbar.
Now, whenever you click or tap the keyboard icon in the taskbar, an on-screen keyboard will appear.
If you want to turn off the on-screen keyboard, you can do so by turning off the keyboard in the Windows settings.

Using a touch screen PC, you can tap this on-screen keyboard to enter any application on Windows 11. You can move the keyboard to any position you want on the screen and do what suits you best.

Touch keyboard customization options

If you want to know how to change the color and theme of the on-screen keyboard, there is an easy way. Tap or click the gear icon in the upper left corner of the on-screen keyboard.
From here, you can change the keyboard layout, enable handwriting on the keyboard (depending on whether your touch screen device supports stylus), themes and resizing, provide feedback, change the language or your typing preferences (automatic correction, etc.) .touchkeyboard5.png.webp

If you are interested in customizing the keyboard to match your own personal style, please check the available options in the theme and resize menu.
When you have finished typing and want to hide the on-screen keyboard, you can click the “X” in the upper right corner of the keyboard window at any time. Of course, you can restore the keyboard by tapping or clicking the keyboard icon in the taskbar again.

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