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How to find out if you will get a free Windows 11 upgrade?

Check how to find you will get free Windows 11 Upgrade?

Microsoft finally Windows 11 Set minimum hardware requirements, for millions of people expecting free updates Windows 10 For users, this is not good news.

Microsoft initially announced a set of fairly strict minimum hardware requirements for Windows, including relatively modern processors (or CPUs), and the more controversial Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0 security chip.

When allowing Beta testers to install on PCs that do not meet these strict standards Windows 11 At that time, the company seemed to be shaken by these requirements, but Microsoft finally decided to stick to it.Install Windows 11 Insider Preview version people are now kicked out Windows 11 Try the program and be asked to reinstall Windows 10.

how to download Windows 11 Insider Preview version

  • Make sure you are running on the device Windows 10 Is the licensed version of and you are the administrator of the device. If you have not registered to join the Windows Insider Program. Or log in to your Windows Insider account. Click to start flying.
  • Go to “Settings”> “Update & Security”> “Windows Insider Program”. Click Start.
  • Under “Select an account to start”, select “+” to connect your registered Microsoft Account and continue.
  • Follow the prompts to choose the experience and channel through which you want to get the Insider Preview version: Dev channel (for developers), Beta channel (for early adopters), or release preview channel (for those users who want to get the latest version). The previous version). Note that this build will enter the development pipeline.
  • Review the privacy statement and terms, then click Confirm. Click Restart now.
  • After restarting, please make sure your data settings are correct so that you can download the preview version. To do this, go to “Settings”> “Privacy”> “Diagnostics and Feedback” and make sure that the optional “Diagnostic Data” switch is turned on.
  • Go to Settings> Update and Security> Windows Update. Click the Check for Update button. You should see the latest Insider Preview version based on the settings you selected.

How to download after extensive use Windows 11

once Windows 11 Available in October to all Windows users with a supported computer, you can download it like any new version of Windows. Most users will go to Settings> Update and Security> Windows Update and click Check for Updates. If available, you will see the feature upgrade to Windows 11. Click download and install.

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