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How to fix DirectX errors on Windows 11

Why is there a DirectX error?

In general, DirectX is automatically updated, so there are rarely any problems, but sometimes you will encounter errors at strange moments. Sometimes your driver is not up-to-date, or it malfunctions or something is damaged in the process.

There are many reasons why DirectX is not for you.This guide will show you various ways to fix DirectX errors, such as updating to the latest version and executingsystemreduction.

Upgrading to the latest version is important to solve the runtime problems that plague video games.

Valorant is a popular free video game, many players pointed out that DirectX often has problems, namely Runtime API. Because of the universality of this problem, it is important to point out it.

Before repairing DirectX, you need to check which version of DirectX you have.existThe latest version of DirectX is 12, Native to manyWindows 11equipment. The outdated version may be the cause of your problem.

How to fix Windows 11 Error on DirectX?

1. Check DirectX version

  1. Click the magnifying glass icon on the bottom taskbar to bring upsearch bar.home-page-edited-1
  2. TypedxdiagAnd click the first entry you see to run the DirectX Diagnostic Tool.dxdiag-1-edited
  3. exist”systemUnder the tab, you will see the version of DirectX installed on your computer.DirectX-Diag-1-edited
  4. As you can see in this example, thiscomputerThere is DirectX 12.If you have not installed this version or DirectX 12 Ultimate, it is recommended that you download from Microsoft Download the latest version.

2. Download the latest version of DirectX

  1. On your preferred search engine, search for DirectX 12 and click on the first entry you see. This will automatically start the download.directx-12-1-edited
  2. You will download the dxwebsetup.exe file.Click onopen a file.directx-12-2-edited
  3. A small window will appear, asking if you want to make changes.chooseYes.directx-12-3-edited
  4. An installation wizard will appear to guide you.chooseI accept the agreement.directx-12-4-edited
  5. Click in the next windowNext step. You can also choose to install the Bing Bar. It is recommended that you deselect this option to save computer space.directx-12-5-edited-1
  6. At this point, DirectX 12 will begin to download and install.directx-12-6
  7. Installafter finishing, ClickFinish.directx-12-7-edited
  8. For a better measurement, please return to the DirectX Diagnostic Tool and double the version.

3. Check for Windows Update

  1. Click the “Start” button and select “set up”icon.settings-1-edited-1
  2. Click on the leftWindows update.directx-12-8-edited
  3. chooseCheck for updatesTo let Windows 11 Download and install any updates, including drivers.directx-12-8-edited-2

4. Install optional updates

  1. Some driver updates may be Windows 11 Treated as an optional update.If you are still experiencing DirectX issues, please clickWindows updateDownload optional updates.directx-12-8-edited-3
  2. chooseadvanced options.directx-12-8-edited-3-1
  3. Under other options, selectOptional update.optional-updates-1-edited-1.5
  4. In the next window, clickDriver update Drop down the menu and select the optional updates to install.optional-updates-2.5-edited
  5. Then choose the blueDownload and installButton.optional-updates-2.5-edited-2
Upgrading to DirectX 12 will solve the runtime issues that plague Valorant players.

5. Use Device Manager

  1. Right-click the “Start” button.
  2. chooseDevice managerAnd open the tool.device-manager-1-edited
  3. Determine the driver to be updated. For example, this guide will choose to update the driver of a computer processor.device-manager-2-edited
  4. Click the arrow to expand.device-manager-3-edited
  5. Select the driver you want to update and right-click on it.Then chooseUpdate the driver.device-manager-4-edited
  6. A wizard will appear, giving you options on how to update the driver.Suggest you chooseAutomatically search for drivers.device-manager-5-edited
  7. If an update is found,Windows 11 It will be downloaded and installed automatically. If there is no update, you will see this screen.device-manager-6
  8. After the driver is successfully updated, selectclosure.device-manager-7-edited

6. Disable third-party applications and start services

  1. Press on the keyboardCtrl + Alt + Delkey.
  2. Click onTask managerOpen the Task Manager window.task-manager-1-edited
  3. Click “start up”Tab and switch.task-manager-2-edited
  4. In the “Startup” tab, you will find a list of all applications and services that run immediately after you turn on the computer. These applications may slow down your computer and conflict with other applications.task-manager-3
  5. Right-click on the service and selectDisabled.task-manager-4-edited
  6. Check if DirectX is now valid. If so, then the application or service you disabled is the culprit.
  7. If you want to further control and activate the startup service more broadly, please open the search bar and entersystemConfiguration.
  8. Select the first entry you see.system-config-1-edited
  9. Go to “Serve”Tab, you will see all the background services currently running on your PC.system-config-2-edited
  10. CheckHide all Microsoft ServeCheck boxes to delete them.system-config-3-edited
  11. chooseDisable allTo shut down all these processes. This is not permanent, because you can go back and re-enable them.system-config-3-edited-2
  12. Click onapplicationButton.system-config-4-edited
  13. Restart your PC and see if DirectX works. If it is, then one of these services is causing the problem.
  14. It is recommended that you enable them one by one so that you can find problematic applications.

7. Run the command prompt

  1. In the search bar, enterCommand prompt.
  2. chooseRun as an administrator.command-prompt-1-edited
  3. input the commandsfc /scannowTo runsystemFile checker.
  4. systemFile check will scan Windows 11 And verify each file. This will take some time.command-prompt-2
  5. After the scan is complete, all yoursystemAll files will be checked and repaired.command-prompt-3

8. Implementationsystemreduction

  1. according toWindows key + RTo call outrunDialog box.
  2. In the dialog box, typerstruit, Then press Enter to opensystemRestore wizard.system-restore-1-1
  3. existsystemClick in the restore wizardNext step.system-restore-2
  4. The next window will display the currently availableRestore point.chooseRestore pointAnd clickNext step.system-restore-3
  5. Click onFinish, The computer will be restored to the point when DirectX was working or before the problem started.system-restore-4-edited
Please note that restoresystemIt should be the last resort.This process will delete theRestore pointEverything created or added afterwards.

Should I be aware of any other issues with DirectX or WINdows 11?

As with any operating system,Windows 11 It is constantly being repaired. Just recently,KB5008215 patchCome out, it fixes file browser crashes, lag problems, and even adds a new emoji Clippy.

Some other DirectX errors are plagued by some games. For example,League of LegendsThere was a DirectX error early in 2021. FIFA 2021 also has the same problem caused by corrupted game files.


Make sure your Windows 11 Stay healthy without any damaged files or maliciousnesssoftwareIt will slow down everything, which is very important.Therefore, it is recommended that you downloadPC Health CheckCome test your system and make sure it stays healthy.

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