How to fix Valorant’s Vanguard Windows 11 error

When the player tries to Windows 11 These two Vanguard errors will appear when starting Valorant in. Therefore, players cannot play Valorant due to these errors. If you need to resolve one of these issues, please review the potential fixes below.

What is Vanguard?

Vanguard is an anti-cheat for Valorant gamessoftware. Riot softwareInstall with the game to prevent players from cheating in Valorant. If Riot Vanguard is not installed and activated software, You will not be able to play Valorant.

ShouldsoftwareSome controversy because it will block the application. Players complain that Vanguard blocks legitimate applications even when they are not playing games. When it blocks certain content, Riot Vanguard notifications will appear above the Windows system tray area.

Valorant in Windows 11 Work in China?

Yes, Valorant and Windows 11 compatible.However, its Vanguard anti-cheatsoftwareEnforcement and Windows 11 identical TPM 2.0 Security system requirements.

Players must also enable the secure boot option to play Valorant on Microsoft’s latest desktop platform.

So if it’s not enabled TPM 2.0 and safe boot, you will not be able to play Valorant in Windows 11. This is why some players need to fix the Van9001 error. The Van9001 error message is clear enough to explain what needs to be enabled for Vanguard in Windows 11.

How to fix Valorant Vanguard Windows 11 errors?

Fix Van 9001 error

1. Enable both secure boot and TPM 2.0

  1. according toStartTaskbar button.
  2. Click the pinned settings application to open it.
  3. Select on the system tabrecover.
  4. Press “Immediately” in the “Advanced Startup” optionRestart”Button.
  5. Select on the blue menuTroubleshoot.
  6. Then chooseadvanced optionsTo display the options shown directly below.
  7. Click hereUEFI firmware set up.
  8. Then chooseRestartTo enter the UEFI firmware option.
  9. Find and select in UEFI firmware settingsSafe bootTo enable this option.
  10. Find and enableTPMSettings, which may be located on the “Advanced” or “Security” tab.

Our fix: not detected TPM The device error guide also provides to enable in the BIOS settings TPM The details of. However, the UEFI firmware and BIOS menu layout vary from computer to computer.

Your motherboard manual may contain information about enabling TPM More specific instructions for 2.0.

2. Select Allow BitLocker without a compatible TPM Options

  1. Right-clickStartTo display the Win + X menu, select Run from it.
  2. To openGroup PolicyEditor, enter this command and clickSure:gpedit.msc
  3. Double clickcomputer configurationAnd inGroup PolicySelect the management template in the editor.
  4. Select on the right side of the windowWindows componentsAnd BitLocker drive encryption.
  5. Then double clickOperating system driveTo display the policy settings.
  6. Double click thereAt startupAdditional authentication required Strategy.
  7. chooseEnablesingle button.
  8. Then select “Allow BitLocker without compatible TPM”Checkbox.
  9. according to”application”Button save newGroup PolicyOptions.
Please note that the localGroup PolicyThe editor is not included in Windows 11 Home Edition.However, users using Windows 11 Professional and Enterprise editions can configureGroup Policyset up.

Fixed Windows 11 Valorant Vanguard anti-cheat error

1. Run Valorant as an administrator

  1. Click the taskbar icon shown directly below to open the file explorer.
  2. Then open the installation folder of Valorant.
  3. Right click on Valorant’s EXE to selectProperties.
  4. Select on the compatibility tabRun this program as an administrator.
  5. It is also recommended that you selectDisable full screen optimizationOptions.
  6. Click onapplicationAnd OK to save the selected option.
You can also right-click its shortcut and selectAs an administratorRun, run Valorant with elevated privileges. However, to make Valorant always run with elevated privileges, you need to configure it to proceed as described above.


2. Check if the VGC service is enabled and running

  1. Click the magnifying glass taskbar button and type in the search boxServe.
  2. chooseServeapplication.
  3. Next, right-click on the VGC service and selectProperties.
  4. If unchecked, please selectautomaticStartup options.automatic-drop-down-menu-option
  5. If the service is not running, click on the properties windowStart.
  6. according toapplicationButton to confirm.
If VGC is enabled and running, try to right-click the service and selectRestartComeagainStart the service.

3. Allow Valorant to pass Windows Defender Firewall

  1. Open the search tool in Windows 11 from the taskbar.
  2. Enter keywords in the search text boxWindows Defender Firewall.
  3. Click Windows Defender FirewallTo open the control panel applet.
  4. Select “on the left of “Control Panel”Allow applications or features to pass through Windows Defender FirewallOptions.
  5. according toChange settingsButton.
  6. Click onAllow others applicationOptions.
  7. according toBrowseButton to select Valorant, and then click to open the option.
  8. then clickAdd to.
  9. Now select for Valorant in the firewall settingsprivateAnd public checkboxes.
  10. Click onSureOptions.

4. Disable third-party antivirus software


If you have installed third-party antivirus software, it is recommended that you disable the utility before playing Valorant.

To do this, right-click the system tray icon of the antivirus utility and select the disable option in the context menu. If possible, choose to disable antivirus protection for a few hours.

If you can play Valorant after disabling the antivirus software, the shield or firewall of the antivirus utility may conflict with the game or its anti-cheat software. In this case, consider adding Valorant and Vanguard to your antivirus utility’s exception list.

5. Reinstall Pioneer

  1. according toWindows+IKey combination.
  2. Select on the left of the settingsapplication.
  3. Click onApps and featuresNavigation options.
  4. Next, click the three-dot button of Riot Vanguard to selectUninstall.
  5. Select on the start menuagainstart up.
  6. After that, open the Valorant client to reinstall the Vanguard anti-cheat software.

If you wish, you can also use a third-party uninstaller application (such as IObit Uninstaller) to uninstall Vanguard. IObit Uninstall includes additional options for erasing remaining residual files and registry keys from the uninstalled software.

Is Valorant’s connection error related to Vanguard?

The Valorant Connection error when some players start the game is usually due to Vanguard. If you need to fix this error, try uninstalling and reinstalling Vanguard as outlined in the last potential solution above.

However, the connection problem may also occur due to other reasons. There may be a problem with your internet connection.In this case, running the Internet connection troubleshooter or restarting the router may also help

So this is how to fix Vanguard 9001 and anti-cheat errors in Windows 11.This is what Valorant players need to Microsoft The two most common issues fixed on the latest desktop platforms.

The fix for the 9001 error is very clear. You only need to enable TPM 2.0 and secure boot on your PC to solve the problem.If you can use the Group Policy Editor, selectAllow BitLocker without a compatible TPMOptions may also be valid.

However, it is not obvious how to fix Vanguard anti-cheat errors. In many cases, the error occurred due to blocking by firewalls and antivirus software. Try to apply all the above potential solutions to the Windows 11 Valorant anti-cheat error to fix it.

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