How to install and create a bootable USB using Ventoy in Linux

Ventoy is an incredible tool that allows users to load ISO files without refreshing them with tools such as Etcher. However, setting up Ventoy is not easy. This is our entry point. Following this guide, we will show you how to set up and use Ventoy on Linux.

Download Ventoy on Linux

The Ventoy application must be downloaded to your computer before you can install it on a removable USB flash drive. Open a terminal window to get the latest Linux version of Ventoy.

Not sure how to launch a terminal window on the Linux desktop? It’s simple.Just press on the keyboardCtrl + Alt + T.You can also launch it by searching for “terminal” in the application menu and launching it this way.

Once the terminal window is open and ready to use, run the followingwgetDownload command to get the latest version of the tool.

 wget -O ~/Downloads/ventoy-1.0.63-linux.tar.gz

Don’t want to use a terminal window to download the latest version of the Ventoy application on Linux?You can also passGithubDownload it directly to your computer.

Extract Ventoy and run it

The Ventoy tool must be extracted from the TarGZ archive downloaded via Github.To extract the contents of the archive, first useCDTerminal window and enter the “downloads” folder.

 cd ~/下载/

Inside the “downloads” folder, you will be able to extract the contents of the Ventoy TarGZ archive.To do this, run the following on the “ventoy-1.0.63-linux.tar.gz” archivetar xvfOrder.

 tar xvf ventoy-1.0.63-linux.tar.gz

After extracting the archive, you can run the program with the following command.


When the Ventoy GUI application is open and ready to use, insert your USB flash drive into the computer. The Ventoy GUI tool should automatically detect your USB flash drive.

Ventoy terminal installation

It is recommended to use Ventoy’s GUI installation. However, if you prefer to use the command line, you can find the setup instructions on the official Ventoy website.For more information, clickHere.

Create Ventoy USB on Linux

It is easy to create a Ventoy USB bootable drive. To do this, go to the GUI application you launched earlier. Then, make sure that your USB flash drive is inserted into the USB port.

After plugging in the USB, find the “Install” button and click on it with the mouse. Selecting the “Install” button will prompt Ventoy to partition your USB flash drive and install itself to the hard drive. This process will not take that long.

Safe boot support

If you plan to use Ventoy with secure boot support, you must enable it in advance. To enable it, find the “Options” button and check the box next to “Secure Boot Support”. After selecting this button, click the “Install” button and Ventoy will install itself on your USB flash drive with secure boot support.

How to use Vento

To use Ventoy, you need to download any Linux ISO file and place it on the flash drive where Ventoy is installed.No need to fiddleEtcherOr other USB flash memory tools.

To set up Ventoy on your Linux system, first insert a USB flash drive into your PC. After inserting the flash drive, open the Linux file manager and install the “Ventoy” USB device.

After installing the Ventoy USB device, download your favorite Linux operating system. Oops, download 2, 3, 4, or 5! Ventoy can start all of them at once!

Note: Do you need help finding where to download the Linux ISO file? . It is a Linux operating system database and they provide easy-to-access download links.

After downloading your favorite Linux operating system ISOs, place them on the Ventoy USB device and allow them to be copied over. The copy should not take more than a few minutes.

After the copy is complete, restart the PC and keep the Ventoy USB plugged in. Then,Load BIOS . After loading the computer’s BIOS, find the boot option, and then configure the system to boot from USB.

When Ventoy USB is loaded on your computer, you will see a “Ventoy” menu. Ventoy will display all the ISO files you have added to the system in this menu. Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to select the operating system to load.

After selecting the operating system to be loaded, pressEnterKey to start it.according toAfter Enter, Ventoy will boot the ISO file directly from the USB, allowing you to install the operating system.

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