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How to install Windows 11 on a virtual machine

How tovirtual machineInstall on Windows 11

Use Hyper-V as my VM platform, but the application uses Windows 10 Enterprise as its default operating system.As far as I know, there is no way to upgrade Windows 10 Enterprise to Windows 11.Why did Microsoft not provide Windows 11 The VM used for testing is a mystery.

When used in a non-commercial environment, VMWare’s Workstation Player is provided for free, which makes it very suitable for this project, but othervirtual machineThe platform can do the same. Download and install VMWare Workstation Player, and run the Create a New Virtual Machine process.


You need to have an ISO version of Windows 10 available. You also need a valid product key for that version of Windows 10. Assuming everything is ready, follow the prompts provided by VMWare Workstation Player to create Windows 10 virtual machine. Specify that you want the new VM to have 4GB of memory instead of the default 2GB. The installation process takes a few minutes.



When Windows 10 begins its initialization process, be sure to use a valid Microsoft Account login.My virtual desktop looks just like my standard desktop because my settings are the same as my Microsoft Account linking.



During installation Windows 11 Before, we must first use ourvirtual machineThe version of Windows 10 joins the Windows Insider Program. In the VM, click the “Start” menu button, select “Settings” (the gear icon), and then select the “Update and Security” tab. Use the left navigation tab to scroll down to the Windows Insider Program item in the list.



On this screen, click the “Get Started” button and register for the program. When prompted, select the Dev channel.You must restart Windows 10virtual machineVersion to continue.

Still using your VM, open the settings again and select the Update and Security tab. Click the “Check for Updates” button,Microsoft Should start downloading and installing Windows 11.



This process may take more than a few minutes, but in the end you should have one installed Microsoft Windows 11 ofvirtual machine.



As mentioned earlier,Microsoft Approved and developed Windows 11 ISO should be provided as an option under Hyper-V so that everyone from curious home users to the highest administrative system administrator can test it.

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