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How to schedule shutdown in Windows 11

Do you sometimes forget to close Windows 11?If so, maybe you should considerSchedule shutdownTime to ensure that your computer can shut down even if you forget to choose.

When you need to wait for a large game to download to complete, it’s also a good idea to schedule a shutdown.You can use relatively simple commands in Windows 11 Set the shutdown timer in.

The timer will shut down the PC after its designated countdown time has elapsed. Therefore, you can schedule the PC to shut down after 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or more hours by entering this command.

Or you can use Task SchedulerSchedule shutdown. This is the default utility for scheduling various tasks in Windows.Some users may prefer to use this toolSchedule shutdown.

Windows 11 Does it contain anySchedule shutdownThe built-in options?

Windows 11 Not included for use inSettings, Control Panel, or anywhere elseSchedule shutdownAny type of built-in options. Maybe it should, but Microsoft apparently never considered such a good idea.

Therefore, you need to use the following methods to schedule the shutdown.

How to Windows 11 middleSchedule shutdown?

1. Use Run to schedule shutdown

  1. First, pressWindowsKey +XHotkey, this will openWin + Xmenu.
  2. Select on the menurunTo open the attachment window.
  3. Type the following shutdown timer command in the open box:shutdown -s -t XXXX
  4. Then click “Sure”To set the timer.Windows 11 Will turn off after the number of seconds set by the timer command.

You need to replace in the command with the actual digital time valueXXXX.input value1Windows will be set to shut down in one second.

enter3600(Three thousand six hundred seconds) Windows will be set to shut down within an hour. There are also some time values:

  • Two hours:shutdown -s -t 7200
  • Three hours: shutdown -s -t 10800
  • Four hours:shutdown -s -t 14400
  • Five hours:shutdown -s -t 18000
  • Six hours:shutdown -s -t 21600

2. Schedule shutdown via Windows terminal

  1. First, start the search tool (you can pressWindowsKey +SHotkey).
  2. Enter keywords in the text boxWindows terminalTo find the command line application.
  3. Right-click on the Windows terminal and select from the context menuRun as administrator.
  4. Then clickOpen newTab button to display the menu.
  5. Select on the menuCommand prompt.
  6. Enter this command in the Prompt tab:shutdown -s -t XXXX
  7. then pressReturnKey to set the shutdown timer.
This method is based on the same command as Run. Therefore, you need to specify an almost the same time (in seconds) for the timer.


3. Use Task Scheduler to schedule shutdown

  1. First, start the search utility and type in the text box of the search toolTask scheduler.
  2. Select T ask Scheduler to open the utility window.
  3. Click on the right side of Task SchedulerCreate basic tasks.
  4. Enter in the Name boxScheduled Shutdown, Then clickNextButton.
  5. chooseOne timeOption, and then click the Next option to continue.
  6. Then select the date and time when the PC was turned off, and then selectNext stepOptions.
  7. Click onstarting programOptions and next steps.
  8. according toBrowseButton selectionshutdown.exe:C:WindowsSystem32shutdown.exe
  9. Then chooseOpenOptions.
  10. Enter in the add parameter box-s.
  11. chooseNext stepAnd complete options to complete the scheduled task settings.

4. Set the shutdown timer desktop shortcut

  1. Right-click on an empty area on the desktop to selectNewAnd folder options.
  2. Then enter in the item location boxshutdown timer command:shutdown -s -t XXXXthe-create-shortcut-window
  3. Click onNext stepGo to the last step.
  4. Enter the title of the shortcut in the text box and select “Finish”Options.
  5. After that, click the scheduled shutdown shortcut you just added to the desktop.
Make sure to put in the commandXXXXReplace with the actual timer value specified in the first resolution.

Is there any third partysoftwareCan the package be scheduled to shut down?

You can consider many third parties that automatically shut downsoftwaretool.ThesesoftwareThe package enables you to configure Windows to shut down at a specified time. Our list of the best tools for scheduling Windows restarts provides more detailed information about some good choices.

However, you don’t need to install any third partiessoftwareTo arrange Windows 11 Shutdown in.All the above methods are sufficient to arrange Windows 11 Shut down at the time you specify.

Three of the methods are based onshutdown -s -t XXXXOrder. This command provides a way to use Run,Windows TerminalA quick and easy way to schedule shutdown with desktop shortcuts.

If you want to specify Windows 11 At a specific time each day, the Task Scheduler method is worth noting. Using this tool, you can set repeated daily shutdown tasks for a specific clock time. This way you don’t need to enter a shutdown timer command every day.

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