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How to search only video files in File Explorer in Windows 11

How to Windows 11 File ExplorerOnlySearch for video files

When searching for a specific type of file in a directory containing a large number of files with different extensions,File ExplorerThe grammatical function in becomes very useful. Here, we will discuss how to:

1]How to Windows 11 File ExplorerSearch only video files in

To search only for video files in a specific directory on the system, you must use the following syntax:



The steps to use this syntax are as follows:

  1. exist Windows 11 Start File Explorer on.
  2. Open the folder where you only want to search for video files.
  3. Click the search box in the upper right corner and enter the grammar ” kind:video “.
  4. Press the Enter key.

After that, the file explorer will only display the video files with all extensions in the directory.

2]How to Windows 11 Only search for video files with specific names in File Explorer

Above, we have learned the syntax of searching only video files. Now, let’s narrow down the search mode. Suppose you only need to search for video files with a specific name or a specific word in the name. In this case, you must write the word before the grammar. For example, if you want to search for a video named New Year Celebration, you can use any of the following syntax:

new year kind:video
new year celebration kind:video


Now, let us assume another condition, you name some videos New Year Celebration, and other videos New Year Eve. If you want to find all New Year videos, just type New Year before the grammar. If you type New Year Eve before the syntax, Windows will not show you a video named New Year Celebration, and vice versa. In this case, the syntax should look like this:

new year kind:video


3]How to Windows 11 Only search for video files with a specific format in File Explorer

The syntax used to search for files with a specific format is different from what we described above in this article. The syntax is as follows:

ext:.file format

In the above grammar, you must replace the word “file format” with the actual format of the video file. For example, if you want to search all .mkv video files, the syntax should be as follows:



You can also add words before this grammar to narrow the search results. For example, if you want to search for a Christmas celebration video file in .mp4 format, the syntax should be as follows:

christmas celebration ext:.mp4


How to perform advanced search in Windows Explorer?

you canUse a different syntax in ExplorerPerform an advanced search. The method of searching only video files that we explained above in this article is one of the advanced search methods in Windows Explorer. In addition to syntax, you can also use “Search options”menu.

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