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How to set the vertical taskbar in Windows 11

How to Windows 11 Middle settingVertical taskbar?

1. Download and configure StartAllBack

  1. Go to your default browser andVisit StartAllBack for Windows 11Official download page.
  2. Then, go ahead and click “Download button, And then wait for the download to complete on the correct download page.
  3. After the download is complete, double-click the StartAllBack executable file you just downloaded.
  4. On the next screen, clickFor allInstall or install for me.1ZjzAyHC1j
  5. Then, at User Account Control, click “Yes”And wait for the installation to complete.
  6. Now that the utility is installed, it’s time to configure it. The easiest way is through the StartAllBack configuration wizard that just appeared on the screen. You can choose from 3 different themes-Proper 11,Kinda 10And Remastered 7.sjLolPphOd
pass throughUnlockAnd uncombinedmission BoardOne of the best ways to get a vintage feel is to use the Remastered 7 program.


  1. Next, from the same wizard window, click on the left vertical menumission Board.aZluQFumcM
  2. along withmission BoardSelect in the menu to move to the right pane, in the goAdjustment behavior and superpowersAnd change the mergemission BoardButton andAt the second levelmission BoardNever came.GxQbKk18aI
  3. Next, all that is left to do isUnlockmission Board, So you can move it freely to any part of the screen.You can right clickmission BoardAnd clickLock allmission BoardPut itUnlockTo complete this operation.
  4. If you follow the instructions above, you will be successful in Windows 11 Uncombined andUnlockofmission Board.

StartAll Back for Windows 11 The launch ofmission BoardRevert to uncombined andUnlockStatus has become easier than ever, just like in earlier versions of the operating system.

Various tests have been performed on the software and it has been found to work well.In addition to restoring the old “Start” menu, you can also unlockmission BoardTo move it to any part of the screen you want.

Why does the taskbar move by itself?

The taskbar should be at the bottom of the screen, but sometimes it moves off-center, such as the left side.

Therefore, the most likely explanation for this is that you dragged the taskbar to move it, but ended up doing other things, such as moving the desktop icons of the PC.

Other factors, such as different types of mouse movements, may affect this. For example, erroneous movements that fall on the display can also affect the movement of the taskbar.

After restoring the taskbar to its original position, you should lock it. This will prevent accidentally moving the taskbar in the future.

Why is my taskbar frozen?

when Windows 11 When the taskbar malfunctions, you may experience one of several different behaviors, such as: clicking the taskbar does not work, icons are not displayed on the taskbar, or keyboard shortcuts do not work.

Windows 11 The taskbar may freeze for a variety of reasons, including incomplete operating system updates, errors during the update process, file corruption in the device or user account, or issues with Windows Explorer.

Windows 11 Vertical taskbarThis problem can be very annoying. However, we hope that some of these solutions will help you.

Remember to make your Windows 11 Keep up to date. Therefore, if none of these solutions have any impact, perhaps the latest update may solve this problem.

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