How to set up automatic login in Windows 11

Check how Windows 11 Middle settingauto login

In this blog, we will see howauto loginWindows 11. Do you think that writing a secret phrase every time you turn on your PC is unsatisfactory? As long as this is true, you can truly mechanize Windows 11 The entire login process on the PC. The Windows login screen is a security feature that can help protect your system from attacks by others. Someone must know your passphrase to allow them to log in. This self-signed feature is built into the operating system, all you have to do is turn it on to avoid login irritation.

There are not many things to consider before paying attention to the following companies. You must go to your Windows administrator account to make changes, and you must log in as an administrator, and assuming you usually choose to change the settings toauto loginThe password of your account, then you must perform media operations again at this time. .

How to Windows 11 Medium configurationauto login

Pass in Windows 11 Enable inauto loginYou can have Windows automatically log you into yourUser account. If your PC is shared with others or is often left alone where others can open your PC, this is not recommended because it will automatically boot into Windows without logging in.

To be in Windows 11 Medium configurationauto loginPlease follow the steps below.

  • In the “Start” menu, search for and open “netplwiz”, which is the advancedUser accountManagement tools.
  • exist”User account“Window, clear “User must enterusernameAnd password to use this computer” check box.
  • Then click Apply.
  • One named “auto login“A new window will ask you to enterusernameAnd password. Enter the one you used to log in to WindowsusernameAnd password. Windows will use these saved login credentials to automatically log you into Windows at startup, without the need for you to re-enter it manuallyusernameAnd password.
  • Click OK to save the changes.
  • Restart your PC and see that Windows automatically logs you into the desktop screen without you having to do anything.

If you are not sure about yourusernameWhat is it, please check under “Users of this computer” in the netplwiz windowusernameList. If you use Microsoft Account to log in to Windows 11, please enter your Microsoft accountusernameUsually an email address, such as [email protected]

Also, if your local account does not have a password, please leave the password field blank and click “OK” to continue.

In Windows 11auto loginDoesn’t work

  • ifauto loginYou cannot start Windows and you are still prompted to enter your password or PIN on the welcome screen, you may beauto loginAn incorrect password was entered during the setup process. Check your password and repeat the above steps to set up automatic login again.
  • PIN is just an alternative sign-in method in Windows and has nothing to do with your Microsoft account. It is only linked to your computer or device. In addition, the PIN will not replace yourUser accountPassword.
  • If you forget yourUser accountPassword, please select your user account in the netplwiz window, and then click the reset password button to change your password.

How to disable automatic login in Windows 11

  • Your PC will continue to automatically log in to Windows until you disable the automatic login feature. To disable automatic login in Windows 11, go to “Start”, search for and open netplwiz.
  • In the Netplwiz window, enable “Users must enterusernameAnd password to use this computer” checkbox. It tells Windows users that they must enter their login credentials to log in to Windows. Restart the computer and the welcome screen should start asking for a password or PIN again.

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