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How to unlock charm in FFXIV Online

Final Fantasy 14 It is a complex game full of different activities. You can customize your experience according to your own preferences, whether you choose to participate in dungeons, PVP battles or other game modes. Today we will discuss the many charms of Final Fantasy XIV, this is a useful beauty tool, you can use it to dress as you want, and bring real fashion to Iozea!

What is the charm of Final Fantasy XIV?

Glamour System allows you to transform the appearance of equipment into another type of equipment. This transition is only aesthetic, and the statistics of the equipment you equip remain unchanged. This allows you to take a different look, such as themed clothing or more casual clothing instead of armor. Charisma can only be applied to equipment that has the same or lower equipment level as the item you use as charm, as long as you can equip it for your current profession or work.

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