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James Webb Space Telescope launches mission to uncover the secrets of the universe

With the successful launch of the most powerful space telescope in the world today, a new era of astronomy is beginning. The James Webb Space Telescope was launched safely early this morning after a long delay and great expectations.

On Thursday, December 23, 2021, Ariane Space’s Ariane 5 rocket and NASA’s James can be seen on the launch pad of the European Spaceport at the Guyana Space Center in Kuru, French Guiana Webb Space Telescope.NASA

The telescope was launched by the Ariane 5 rocket from the European Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana at 7:20 am Eastern Time on Saturday, December 25th. It is a joint cooperation project of NASA, the European Space Agency and the Canadian Space Agency, and is intended as a successor to the beloved Hubble Space Telescope. Currently, Hubble will continue to operate, mainly collecting data on visible light wavelengths, while James Webb will mainly focus on the observation of infrared wavelengths.

James Webb is equipped withCutting-edge scientific instruments,And because it doesn’t have to penetrate the earth’s atmosphere like a ground-based telescope, it will be able to observe cosmic phenomena in more detail than ever before.This will make it available forVarious themesConduct research, from examining black holes to observing some of the oldest galaxies, toInvestigate exoplanetsTo see if they have an atmosphere.

“Its scientific prospects are breathtaking,” Thomas Zubchin, deputy director of NASA’s Science Mission Directorate this summerWrite. “From imaging the first galaxy in the universe, analyzing the atmospheres of planets orbiting other stars in our galaxy, and even discovering in our solar system, the Webb Space Telescope is a dream come true of astronomers and science enthusiasts. .”

However, before Weber began his scientific exploration, he needed to locate the telescope and check its instruments.Within a week, the telescope will unfold itsTennis court size sun visorTo protect the telescope from the sun’s heat and radiation. The telescope is currently traveling through space to its final position orbiting the sun, which is called the second Lagrangian point.

Then, Webb needs to test its instruments, one at a time. The mirrors of the telescope also need to be adjusted, and Weber should be able to capture high-quality images within a few months. With the instrument checked and calibrated, Webb should be able to begin its scientific mission in about six months.

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