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Larger entertainment companies will host three SHIB burning events in 2022, including NFT madness

After Bigger Entertainment announced multiple SHIB burns between January and March, more Shiba Inu burns will be seen in 2022.

Steven Cooper, the owner of Bigger Entertainment, announced the news in the live broadcast of the “Very Happy Shiba Inu Christmas Party” on December 26. The company claims to be the “first encrypted record company.” During the event, Bigger Entertainment burned 239 million SHIB, valued at US$9211.

This is not Bigger Entertainment’s first SHIB burn. After its SHIB Burner playlist was released, it burned more than 400 million SHIB in Shiba Burn Party.

The upcoming SHIB burn

Bigger Entertainment’s SHIB burning event schedule is as follows:

  • Valentine’s Day Event (SHIB Lovers Merch Drop): January 14th-February 14th
  • SHIB Superburn (Super Bowl Week Event): February 7th-February 13th
  • NFT Madness (March Madness Event): March 13-April 4

Cooper detailed each of these events in the live broadcast. He said Valentine’s Shiba Inu goods will “exist only on these dates”, and the company will burn a lot of SHIB.

As for SHIB Superburn, Bigger Entertainment will let SHIB holders compete with each other during Superbowl Week. “We will create customized SHIB jerseys. Some people will say Team Holder, some will say Team Burner,” he said. “We will also have a custom game day playlist.”

Of these three incidents, Cooper said that the biggest is NFT Madness. “We think that if we work together, we can burn 5-10 billion coins,” he said.

Bigger Entertainment has summoned all Shiba Inu NFT artists and designers (via OpenSea) to give them any NFTs in order to achieve their goal of collecting 10,000 NFTs for the event. “We will sell these things at ridiculously low prices-500,000 SHIB,” he said. If each NFT is sold at a price of 500,000 SHIB, this will raise 5 billion SHIB.

However, Cooper emphasized the need for community support. “If the community does not unite to support it, it will not burn a lot. If we unite, we will burn a lot of coins.”

Jack Cottingham of Bigger Entertainment also hosted the live broadcast. He said it would be a good opportunity to promote new NFT artists while providing holders with an opportunity, not just burning. “If you happen to get an NFT from a new artist who will shine in the NFT world a year later, maybe you can resell the NFT and make a good profit from it.”

Cooper first made fun of the March Madness SHIB burner incident in an interview with Planet Crypto in November.

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