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Legend rewrite blessing level list-best blessing

Trying to build the best fighter? You will want to follow the official Legendary rewrite blessing level list For that reason. Players still have many common questions about the game’s combat mechanism. Like many other action-focused Roblox adventures, some people think that some equipment is better than others. You are right to think so, even the developers themselves clearly consider the level list when building the game. Keep reading and listen to the team’s guidance.

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Legends ReWritten Blessings Tier List-Official Ranking





second Varudo
A sort of Rinee, super fast
Second Susano, Chakra, Southeast
C Therapist, Phoenix
D wind

Unusually, the developer of the game provided his own Legends ReWritten blessing level list for free on the Trello page of the project.

Players usually compile the necessary battle data to accurately rank the equipment in the game, and the official tier list shows that the design of each blessing takes a specific tier into consideration. If you trust the judgment of the game designer, please follow the above ranking. If this doesn’t work for you, please check the player rankings below.

Legend rewrite blessing level list-player ranking

Drop-down switch




second Varudo, Linne
A sort of Swift
Second Southeast Susanoo
C Chakras
D Healer, wind

With so many players requesting a Legends ReWritten rating list on the game’s Discord server, it’s no surprise to see others join their rankings.

The above table is an example of a blessing level list for active players. Although there is no fundamental difference from the official version, if Warudo is not feasible, this version does provide another S-level blessing. It also uses Wind to press Healer to the bottom, which is another slight deviation from the expected design.

How can I get new blessings in the rewritten legend?

In Legends ReWritten, blessing is the main gashapon element. Just like scrolling for breathing art in Slayers Unleashed or lineage in Shindo Life, you can use Legends ReWritten code to scroll for blessings. You start with three free spins, but if you need to change your blessings, you need to increase them with codes, Robux, or mission rewards.

You can use these spins by opening the menu, clicking the “Magic” tab, and then clicking the scroll button below the blessing slot.

When will the new legend be rewritten and released?

We currently do not know when the new legend rewrite blessing will arrive. The game was launched a few months ago, but there is no talk about adding fun to the battle with new blessings. However, there will be a witty surprise in the new future, and one or two new blessings may follow.

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