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LG’s latest kitchen appliances integrate ThinQ system

For some home cooks, with a little help, cooking will be much easier. LG announced today that its two new kitchen appliances are now equipped with cooking instructions, recipe automation, and even built-in shopping assistance.

LG’s InstaView dual oven gas slide-in stove and ultra-remote microwave oven are connected to the LG ThinQ Recipe app, which will enable owners to find recipes and cook thousands of step-by-step recipes under the guidance of their equipment.

A smartphone that displays the LG ThinQ recipe function in the app.

Furthermore, LG appliances will also have built-in shopping functions,WalmartorAmazon FreshOrder groceries so you can execute these recipes perfectly with all the right ingredients. In addition, a feature called Scan-to-Cook allows users to scan the UPC barcodes of selected ready-made meals to automatically set the temperature and cooking time on the device.

Speaking of this series, there are also convection cooking, air fryer settings, and LG’s so-called Air Sous Vide, which can provide higher temperature accuracy. The series also has two independent cooking ovens, allowing you to prepare two different dishes at two different temperatures. The most important is LG’s UltraHeat Power Burner technology, LG claims that this technology can increase the power of the stove, thereby speeding up cooking.

When you want to take a peek and see how things are going, to prevent any heat from escaping, you can knock on the door twice and the inside will light up. This is a novelty called LG InstaView. It will be interesting to see if the customer finds this feature attractive, because pressing a button to turn on the light never seems to be really difficult to repair.

LG's full range of slide-out microwave ovens.
LG household microwave oven with ExtendaVent

In terms of microwave ovens, LG Over-the-Range microwave ovens can certainly provide nuclear bombs for your food, but it also adds a steam function to make it more versatile. Steam ovens are nothing new, but it is certain that combining steam and microwave technology in one is a space-saving method.

Anyone who has ever used “OTR” microwave ovens knows that they are usually not the best at effectively removing cooking odors, smoke or steam, because they usually do not extend far enough in the average range to be pulled out of the front burner. LG said that its Slide-out ExtendaVent solves this annoying problem, and it pulls out the front of the range to more effectively clear the air. (As someone who just bought a fairly inefficient but brand new OTR, I would love to see its actual effect and find out if it really makes a difference.)

There is no pricing or release date for these new devices, as they will be officially launched as part of CES 2022.

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